Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Get your skin ready for Summer!

Everyone's skin needs a little pampering after being under wraps for the winter months you want to "emerge" with your skin smooth, silky and touchable ! A body scrub is vital to let your summer skin shine through ! To do an at home body scrub : Invest in a pair of exfoliating in shower gloves and a great moisturizing scrub. The gloves are super important because they help you use less product and still get amazing results. But the scrub is key because it provides you with the hydration and moisture your body needs

My picks :

L'Occitane verbena Body Salt scrub : $36.00
This literally transforms your shower into a mini vacation because it smells unreal. It has essential oils of grapeseed,apricot and sweet almond to nourish and moisturize as well as vitamin A to tone and maintain the healthy look of your skin. It leaves you glowing and smelling deliciousss ! Enough said !

Alba Hawaiian Body Scrub:
I'm guilty of buying this scrub probably every time I step foot into Target. It's organic,vegan and made of sea salt blended with tropical nut oils and invigorating citrus. It isn't harsh on the skin and smells edible ! It changes my mood every time I use it...and makes me want to be on vacation even more :)

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