Sunday, March 7, 2010

My New Found Love...The Clarisonic Mia

In case you're not yet on the bandwagon with this skin cleansing tool, the Clarisonic uses sonic technology which creates 300 movements per second for the brush head to thoroughly cleanse and rid your skin of makeup and anything else regular cleansing leaves behind. And I've done my research. I cleansed alone with no Clarisonic after a long day on which I happened to have a lot of makeup on. Then, I used my Clarisonic Mia (in pink of course) and I was taken back by how much makeup and who knows what else was being left behind on my face when I was cleansing the "old fashioned" way. Let's just say that this is a tool I can now not live without. And I am sure if you test for yourself you will feel the same way. Especially when you see what it removes from your face after what you think was a "good cleaning" !!!!

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  1. I really need to purchase one of these.

  2. It's seriously so amazing you won't be disappointed !!