Sunday, March 7, 2010

One of my favorite Skincare Brands !

One of my tried and true favorite skin care brands is Paula's Choice. To me Fragrance Free products are the way to go. Not only that, the products are environmentally friendly, no animal testing is done and the products truly are state of the art. I have been using her products a little over a year and notice a significant difference in my skin. The texture and tone are better than ever before! I have combination oily skin with the occasional break out and sometimes a dry patch here and there so when I find a product that works on me I know it can help others. She has a specific acne line and a specific aging line which is AMAZING. I live by her exfoliating % beta hydroxy acid gel it really gave my skin a "new start" I also swear by her skin balancing daily mattifying lotion spf15 with antioxidants. You should NEVER go a day without SPF on your skin even if its below zero out and sometimes people with oily skin have a problem with products being too greasy, with this one YOU WON'T it has changed my view on SPF products forever! Not only do the suns rays cause premature aging but they also cause skin cancer...ENOUGH SAID. All of her products are amazing and I think everyone should take a look ! She has written countless books such as "Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me" which offers real reviews about products so you can look into them before buying me that is a GODSEND ! plus, she updates her books very often so she keeps us up to date on our skin care and beauty needs !

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