Saturday, May 8, 2010


It was an honor and a privilege to have been sent such a HUGE amount of products by any skin care company, but to add to is my new LOVE. First let me start by saying the products are fragrance-free but the quality and texture of everything was remarkable. And in just a weeks use have actually. TRULY changed the way my skin looks and feels. And I say that because my skin has the tendency to have an uneven tone. I now feel like my whole face is "one color" (so to speak) it is also smooth and the products make you feel like you have just left a medi-spa.

The cleanser was gentle and effective and took my makeup right off without leaving my skin feeling striped. I was soooo impressed with the "Physical Chemistry" facial microdermabrasion. I myself as an esthetician have performed many microdermabrasion sessions on others and on myself and let me tell you the honest truth,my skin felt better than the results you would get at a spa. I used the "Physical Chemistry" and lightly dried my skin leaving it slightly damp so that it could take in the next AMAZING product. DermaDoctor "Litmus test" PH correcting & renewing glycolic acid facial moisturizer. My skin literally drank it in and was so soothed immediately following the use of a microdermabrasion product. I could not believe that I wasn't experiencing any tingling. It balanced my skin right out!!! I would recommend buying these products in conjunction with one another. And while you are at it the "Wrinkle Revenge" Rescue and Protect Eye Balm is an wonderful eye cream. It is approved for use on the eyelids and my eyes are super sensitive to any kind of eye cream (I usually wake up with blood shot eyes when I use any eye cream with fragrance here!) So it is safe to say that it is definitely my new go to item sitting right next to my bed!

The products were formulated by Audrey Kunin , M.D. who is a board certified dermatologist. It is her personal belief that skin care begins at home, I could not agree more. There is only so much you Dermatologist and Esthetician can do for you. It is all maintained with proper home care. And DERMAdoctor has made it easy to do just that. Each product in the line is clinically tested and dermatologically correct, so there are no worries if you have very sensitive skin, in fact if you do these are the products you need in your skin care arsenal ! It blends FDA-approved OTC drugs and cosmeceuticals and to add to that they make your skin feel like heaven !

So to anyone thinking they need to revamp their skin or for die hard skin care junkies like myself , log on to or call 1-877-dermadr. Dr. Audre Kunin also appears on QVC so check your local listings. And just let it be known that I am speaking from an honest place and wouldn't review anything I didn't believe to be wonderful. With that said I hope everyone who purchases this product enjoys it as much as I do. I went online and ordered yet another "Physical Chemistry" Facial Microdermabrasion because it truly is the foundation for letting the your moisturizer and other products get deeper into your skin thus, leaving you seeing positive results faster. I don't know many women who don't love that !!!

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