Saturday, June 19, 2010

Color Ons (stick on eye shadow)

I had the privilege of being sent "Color On Professional" by Emma Bing my beauty partner in crime who is featured on websites such as and and So what she sent me was basically something that even the biggest makeup klutz could use.

It is press on eye shadow and can give you that perfect smokey eye you have always longed for but never been quite able to perfect. It is as simple as peel press remove and i wore the shadow all night without any signs of wear and I must say it was EASY and looked professional and would recommend it to any one even those who have perfected the smokey eye bc it comes in so many variations and is so simple and it actually lets you achieve the results it promises.

So if you want to look like you spent the day getting your makeup done you should definitely keep these in mind ! They are reasonably priced and easy to use...what more could you ask for ?

They can be purchased and you can look at all of the amazing designs here

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