Sunday, June 20, 2010

Moisturize Naturally !

One of my favorite gals Anna Pereira sent me some amazing lotion bars which is exactly what it sounds like. It's lotion in bar form so all you do is put it in your hand and spread it around to moisturize the areas you want to look, feel and smell delicious. The best part is a little bit goes a long way thats one of my favorite things about her soaps/lotions. I still basically have a full bar of the first full size product she sent me that I use everyday in the shower.

For starters she sent me "firm" lotion which is for areas like heels,knees,elbows basically any area that needs a little TLC. So every night after my shower I have been paying special attention to those areas especially now that summertime is in full swing. And my skin feels soooo great ! Plus the smell of "Lotus Flower"is simply to die for.

Next are the soft lotion bars which glide on with ease. I notice when I wake up in the morning my skin still has a shiny glow and you can still feel that it is moisturizing your skin. With most regular lotions your skin drinks it in and you are usually left needing to apply more, well not here ! So fab ! And the scent "Angel Wings" is a light subtle scent that smells exactly what its named after !
She also sent me over some samples of soaps and one that she sent me not only caught my eye but the attention of the Hub ! I put the "Peppermint" soap in the soap dish in our bathroom and I noticed it was going a little fast ! So finally he asked where did i get the soap it smells so good ! I was sooo happy so not only are these products great for me and you but some of the fragrances are good for the man in your life. The "Peppermint" scent is definitely unisex and WE both love it.

All of her soaps are all natural and Vegan, cruelty free and she makes everything herself ! She is an amazing person and I don't just say that about anyone !

Pick up your soaps and lotions and other cool stuff here :

And browse her ETSY shop here :

Follow her on twitter she fills you in on when she is having sales on her products !

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  1. Anna is truly one of my favorite go-to Etsians! I didn't need any more incentive to buy her soaps or lotions, but you certainly give good reasons to! LOL. The best part about her stuff is that it DOES WHAT IT SAYS. I have a review on my website, too. Truly a talented girl.