Thursday, August 5, 2010

I am on a mascara BINGE !

I walked into Sephora today and spent a solid hour just looking at the mascara. Mascara is my true weakness. I can not pass up mascara when I see it. Whether it be at the drugstore or Sephora I am always on the lookout for mascara.....what are some of your faves ?? I will have my comparison with some pics up soon ! I bought Fiberwig mascara, and Makeup Forever smokey eye and the oscillation primer by Lancome which I can not wait to put under all my mascara !!!

3 mascara purchases is what happens when a girl with a problem walks into Sephora or as I like to call it the "Mothership" hahaha :)


  1. uff my problem is with foundation... I cannot seem to find a foundation that suits my skin at all... The color is easy to mix and match but the texture is my biggest problem :(
    I have so much foundation... and only 1 maybe two that are OK

  2. I personally love
    L'oreal 5x volume mascara.. I think that's how its called ^_^

  3. Ok, I am totally someone who will save money when I can, but if need be I DO go the extra mile to get the good makeup. When it comes to mascara; however, Rimmel Lash Flirt (black and gold tube) is the best I have ever used. It doesnt matter if you put one coat on right after the other, or let coats dry in between...your lashes never get chunky and it lengthens and thickens. Plus you can get it at CVS for like $8

  4. Wow Mascara Gives Gorgeous look. I go with Jordana Cosmetics Products. Awesome :).