Friday, August 13, 2010

Mario Badescu Reviews

I recently went on a bit of a Mario Badescu spree and I am quite thrilled to report back all positive reviews on the products I tried I am a huge fan of Mario Badescu drying lotion in the glass bottle ( it is to die) it literally heals my unwanted usually hormonal blemishes which usually come at the worst possible time ! It dries them out pretty quickly when compared to other products. So being as though I was under the weather I took to my computer and ordered some more products. I didn't expect to be disappointed and I sure wasn't, actually I am thrilled with everything.

Heres the deets :

Mario Badescu Buttermilk Moisturizer - $18.00

A rich & creamy moisturizer, Buttermilk Moisturiser gives
the skin hydration without clogging it up (exactly what I need especially because of my oily t-zone). The product absorbs into the skin really well and is very gentle. While I was a little hesitant about using a bright blue moisturiser, I realized the benefits upon application and changed my mind. I have been using it for a week and feel it has changed my skins texture for the better. Plus since I was sick I developed some dry spots which I normally don't have and this seemed to balance everything out. 2 Very en
thusiastic thumbs up !!!

Mario Badescu Cleansing Milk with Carnation and Rice Oil $20.00 16 oz

Although this cleanser is aimed for normal to oily skins, I found it was still soothing and creamy. It made my skin feel refreshed and smelled fab ! I think it is a great summer time cleansing milk but I will need to swicth back to something a bit more mild in the winter months. But feels great especially after being in the sun or running around. Really feels like it gives your skin a good deep clean !

Mario Badescu Silver Face Powder : $12.00

This mask helps lift and remove blackheads from the surface of your skin giving you the appearance of smaller pores and toned skin. This is Heaven sent. Made my skin shine in all its glory ! Will need to use this at least twice a week to keep oils and shine at bay !

Overall I am highly impressed with Mario Badescu Products and would recommend trying some of the products to all of my readers ! And the prices are reasonable which makes it even more amazing !


  1. Hey Lauren...I'm using the Glycolic Eyecream and I love it. I would recommend as well! Great post!

  2. I LOVE MB! For big PMS zits that won't die, the Buffering Lotion works even better than the Drying Lotion.

  3. The buffering lotion is better than the drying lotion??? really ? I have always stuck with what I know but I may have to try the buffering lotion now !!! hehe :)

  4. I love MB products the drying cream works great it's my favorite along with enzyme cleanser, I have a lot of the products: silver powder, drying mask, cucumber lotion, healing cream I rotate cleansers I own 3 and I love them all they really work without tearing up your skin! My skin has never looked better.