Monday, October 18, 2010

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask has been selling out at every Sephora known to man and it is for good reason! The mask claims to deliver deep-pore cleansing, exfoliate and draw out impurities, bacteria,oils all while delivering antioxidant protection to prevent any future free-radical damage.The key ingredients in this product are Calcium Montmorillionite Clay, Maritime Pink Bar Extract, Vitamin C, Witch Hazel, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Eucalytpus Extract. All great ingredients to bring the nasty gunk we do not want in our pores out, but also delivering some good ingredients at the same time.

You apply the mask to clean skin after you have dried it. Any amount of moisture will make this product not work. So make sure your face is fully dried. The mask is designed to peel off. I let it stay on my skin for a good 15 to 20 minutes. It comes to a firm,glossy look. You then peel it off of your face. Kind of like the Biore strips but jam packed with great ingredients and antioxidants and is used for your whole entire face.

The results are really what they claim. I was not sent this product to review. In fact I had to wait for it to be back in stock in order for me to purchase it. But, I have never been so pleased with a mask in my life. I am not always that consistent with using facial masks but I have been using this mask 3 times a week because I really notice a difference in my skin when I use it. My skin feels "tighter" and looks more refined and toned. My blackhead spot (nose,chin) all seem less noticeable. You do need to apply quite a lot of the mask to get a good peel going, but it is so worth it.

You will look very silly using it. But it is worth it. Down below is a picture of me donning this lovely mask :


Check out their website :

Thursday, October 14, 2010

DermaDoctor PhotoDynamic Therapy

Have you ever heard of intense pulsed light? If not, I will explain. It is something done by a dermatologist or a licensed practitioner, in a medical setting. It uses intense light therapy to blast collagen and elastin into our skin. Collagen and elastin are the two fibers that make our skin soft, smooth and "young". The cost of this type of service is beyond expensive and the treatments are also time consuming. And it is not done in one treatment it usually requires several treatments to achieve the desired look. Also, the other option is an at home red light device which are very costly and require persistent at home usage in your spare time.

Enter.....DermaDoctor PhotoDynamic therapy. It contains the first of its kind patent pending solar powered active ingredient, which in lotion form captures UV light transforming it into visible red light on the skin. (No, your skin won't turn red that's what I was scared of haha)

I noticed when I applied the lotion, which I would recommend doing at least 20 minutes before sun exposure just to make sure you are benefiting as much as possible from the product. And the lotion itself made my skin feel smoother and made my makeup actually go on with more ease.

The great thing about this product is that it is working for you just by you applying it and going about your day as normal. And it will convert the suns harmful rays into an anti-aging arsenal for your skin, all you have to do is wear it. No consultations or Dr. Visits, or waste of your time.

Now at home you can use something just as you do everyday. And it enhances your SPF protection and provides cellular defense. So, with this , you can utilize UV light to enhance your skin. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve your skins elasticity.

It is essentially taking one of the most damaging elements, the sun, and using it to aide our skin to produce collagen and elastin. And providing it with antioxidants,nutrients and vitamins our skin needs to stay healthy and keep us looking rejuvenated !

This is a breakdown of how it works :


Morinda Citrifolia extract otherwise known as the Noni Fruit contains a special polyphenol (a type of antioxidant) that is designed to capture the sun's rays and converts and emits this energy as a highly focused visible red wavelength, which is equal to the light emitted from a red LED light.

Here are some of the ingredients and a little bit about each of them :

Vitamin D : It contains the sole (non-animal) vitamin D source available. Vitamin D is essential to our skin and coincidentally you find vitamin D in good old fashion sunshine. But as we know it being exposed to the sun for too long of a time period is not good for our skin. Indeed, it is essential so,this is a great ingredient to have in a product.
Tricalcium Phosphate : is an inert calcium particle that helps bind noni fruit polyphenols which allows it to absorb and transmit the red light energy.

Sun-dried Shitake Mushroom Extract : This is a supplement to Vitamin D. By protecting our skin everyday with SPF we are also depriving it of one of the good things that comes from the sun, Vitamin D.
Pomegranate, Ubiquinone, Vitamin E, Cucumber, Green and White Tea Extracts : free radical protecting antioxidants.

In an Independent Clinical Trial - after only 4 weeks of use:
  • 96% of the participants reported their skin appeared smoother
  • 72% of the participants reported their skin appeared more radiant
  • 72% of the participants reported their skin appeared firmer
  • 48% of the participants reported their skin appeared to have less lines
  • 64% of the participants reported their skin appeared to have a more uniformed complexion

To me those are amazing statistics ! And from using it for a number of days I do notice a difference in the texture of my skin. I have only had it about 5 days but I wanted to share with you what a great product it is. And I will certainly keep you updated on my full results in about 4 weeks .

Check out the DermaDoctor website here :

Monday, October 11, 2010

Incoco Nail Polish Strips

I am a firm believer that every girls nails need to be polished. I am also someone who always manages to mess up my nails when I try so hard to keep that from happening. But somehow, I always manage to get a little chip or crack that only I can notice, but will bug me,like crazy ! We have all been there.

Incoco nail polish strips could not have entered my life at a better time. I was so busy working countless hours, my hands were unkept to say the least.

The first set of nail strips I applied properly named "oscar night" shined so amazingly. I really received a lot of compliments. The strips are SO unbelievably simple to apply. And trust me I am a complete klutz when it comes to nails. Just press the strip on and remove the excess strip with you fingernail! It is literally, that simple. I saw a demo for it one time and I was sooo skeptical, so, I did not buy. Now that I know how easy and great the results are I am surely buying more sets.

Check out the site

I love these colors : Ruby Shoes, Black Diamonds and Jazz Blue

I can only promise that if you try them you will be hooked !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mallory Musante

"The Sisterhood of The Traveling Shoe"

Word around the "twitetrverse" was going around about a bloggers project that I had the honor of participating in. Mallory Musante is the owner and lead designer of her own brand of hand painted, fabulous shoes.

Her project allows beauty/fashion bloggers to try her shoe for a week or two (I took longer than expected due to way to many stressful deadlines) but I am back here to report in full force about how great her shoes are.

Each shoe is unique and intricate and the detailing is very exquisite. The hand painted part is waterproof and acrylic coated to ensure the design will not chip or crack. That was what was in my head the whole time....don't chip the shoe !!! But after wearing them out and getting comfy in them and seeing the quality of the shoe you can tell they are built to LAST ! The shoe itself is genuine leather and has a rubber sole with a 2-3/4 inch heel.

I liked that the shoe was not a typical black shoe. She sent me the "Tory" a dark blue shoe, with silver detailing, Very different from anything I have ever owned. So I played it up with a nice blue colored shirt from my FAVE store Forever 21. And actually now that I think of it all of my accessories are from Forever 21 as well. My vintage Chanel bag that I scored at "Buffalo Exchange" while in Los Angeles for only $295 went well with it also !! And might I add I could not be more happy for having a gorge Chanel bag for only $295 !! Major score...

Back to the shoes, they are comfy and the perfect height to go out in and not feel like your feet are going to fall off at the end of the night, that I love. All while adding a pop to your outfit.

I would recommend these shoes to anyone, especially if you are looking to add some shoes to your fall wardrobe. Check out her site:

My look of the night wouldn't have been complete without the shoes !!!