Monday, November 29, 2010

FOTD using Nicki Minaj for Mac in Pink Friday !

So, since I got my hands on the Nicki Minaj lipstick I needed to do a look "around" it. I did pinks and purples! I really love the color of this lipstick it is such a baby soft pink. (I'd tell you if I did not like it bc I am not exactly her number one fan) The color itself is so girlie and feminine ! I must say I give it an A+ !

This is my first FOTD so, please be nice !

Here's the lipstick on me :

Here is a picture of the entire look :

And some fun pics hehe :

Here is what I used on my eyes :

Revlon Fantasy Lengths in Flirty. They are self adhesive so, no glue is needed. They were okay. I needed to use lash glue still just because I was slightly insecure but they may have held up well. I just do not have it in me to take the chance. The lashes were great though as far as length and arch.

SmashBox Brow Tech in Brunette it's my go to brow filler. I have tried others but always come back to old faithful lol.

Revlon Va Va Va Bloom I used the end shade as a base for my entire lid.

Then I added some purple into the inner corners going outward.

Then on my outer V I did a vibrant pink from my Sedona Lace 88 Matte palette. My brush is laying on the color I used since they do not have specific names for the colors. If you have the palette it is in the 5th row 6 shadows in.

I used Revlon Color Stay in Golden Caramel #360 for combination oily skin. And Cover Girl blush in Iced Plum.

I am really happy I got my hands on this lipstick. I hope you enjoyed my first FOTD. Please, leave any comments or suggestions !!


  1. Now I want it even more! Thanx xoxo

  2. I love the look. It is beautiful on you. I think I am a bit to pale to rock a pink lipstick. I am happy that you mentioned the brow filler though because I have been looking for a good one.

  3. I did a review of the Revlon eyelashes, the self adhesive and glue on. I prefer the glue on, the self adhesive stayed on mostly throughout the day, but I would stick with glue on.

  4. that shade of lipstick looks really pretty on you!

  5. Do you know I still have not got my hands on her lipstick lol shame

  6. Awesome!
    That lipstick is just gorgeous, it looks great on you. And I have that Va Va Va Bloom palette. I find that it creases so I don't really use it.