Friday, November 5, 2010

Needs some TIME to recover !

Sorry, for the lack of blog posts. I have many great product reviews, giveaways and something new in the mix. But I am so run down at the moment. Because I moved from NYC to Pennsylvania and in the process got sick. I should be better in a week or so...stay tuned

Thank you everyone...

I have been eating well drinking lots of tea and trying to get rest but nothing is working as of yet !!!! But I will be back and I have surprises in store !! I PROMISE !

Giveaways coming soon only to followers of my blog ....!! :)


  1. HUGS - but only cyber hugs - don't wanna get sick!! <3

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  3. I always get sick during moving...usually its right at Christmas when I move out of my dorm for the winter break :/ no fun...but it does give me an excuse to eat lots of Costco gummy viatmins!