Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sexual Perfume by Michel Germain

I was lucky enough to be sent the fragrance Sexual Sugar by Michel Germain and I was also sent Sexual Sugar Daddy cologne. The perfume is in a beautiful bottle and has an amazing long lasting scent.The cologne is manly and refined all at once.

This isn't just any fragrance. There are a number of ingredients that go into making these signature perfumes and colognes.The creator Michel Germain explored the world of ancient aphrodisiacs that have been known to arouse both men and women. The blends are made with oils from India, Africa and Far East countries.They are known to increase a person's feeling of sexiness or attractiveness.

To be honest it may be just knowing the fragrance contains these ingredients but it does give you a more confident sexy feeling when wearing it. The perfume smells as amazing as you would think it would. With hints of crystallized sugar and juicy wildberries it is safe to say you will be complimented on the perfume. With a name like Sugar it sure smells good enough to eat !

The men's cologne "Sugar Daddy" smells very masculine and romantic. That is from my perspective. I gave it to my hub to test out and this is the only cologne he has been wearing ! I swear ! It has become his signature fragrance. And there really is something special about it. I can tell you that first hand if you catch my drift...

I think these are going to be our staple His and Hers fragrances.

They would make an amazing gift for a special person in your life. And they really smell great. With the holidays just peeking around the corner it might be a perfect gift for someone on your list...they will thank you for it !

Check out the website there are other incredible fragrances such as Sexual "Pour Homme" which is the number one selling cologne at Bloomingdales.


  1. OMG I love this perfume no lie for father's day I wanted to get it for my dad because the cologne was to die for but had to change because of the name lmao I just couldn't get my dad something that said sexual but it smells yummy! Great post! xoxo

  2. haha yes I totally agree with you ! But it smell's amazing !

  3. BBMCHAT is tweeting he sure seemed to like it! Would it be appropriate for my son or would his girlfriend attack him too much? LOL

  4. Haha It would be appropriate its not that crazy lol !! but the name would be funny to give your son a gift called sexual. But all in all it's worth it. My fave cologne for a man thus far.

  5. Havent heard of this,,but would LOVE to get some for my man.:) Sounds "sexy"

  6. The perfume bottle is often meant to be a physical representation of the perfume thank you so much for sharing this.


  7. I bought myself this perfume 2 days ago and I swear it does something to me. I noticed on day one and today that after spraying it I'm very aroused. Truthfully, "very" wouldn't be accurate.
    Is this normal?

  8. Great designing of this bottle perfumes.

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