Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FSL Cosmetics Purple Luv Lipstick Review and Giveaway !

I have tried FSL cosmetics before and I love them ! The products are all natural, hypoallergenic and are vitamin and antioxidant rich. This lipstick is very hydrating and makes lips very smooth and there is no need to apply any lip conditioner or anything before applying this lipstick,due to the fact that it is so rich and creamy. This is because all of the lipsticks contain all natural avocado oil, cupuacu butter and acai extract. So, I feel this product works double duty, not only as a lipstick but as a lip conditioner. It makes lips appear smoother. And protects and adds a sense of smoothness to the lips.

All FSL cosmetics are free of Gluten, Parabens, Nut Oil and Genetically Modified Organisms. They are all natural products that deliver the same results as products that have harsh preservatives in it. I have one lipstick in Seduction and it is my go to red lipgloss.

But now that Winter has come I think it is time to experiment with dark,deep colors and Purple Luv is definitely a unique and bold color but it can be toned up or down. If you are courageous you can do a daring lip and eye. But if you just want your lips to POP this is the color for you. A nice deep plum purple. And it has a white chocolate scent to it to make it even more intriguing ! The scent is not the over bearing scents you can get with some lipsticks. It is a subtle scent, that leaves you knowing you smell delicious.

Not only can this lipstick be used as well...a lipstick but I dabbed some on my eyelids and it makes a great color for your crease.

And one LUCKY winner will receive this Lipstick, just leave a comment below and tell me why you want the lipstick and if there are any other ways you can think of to use the lipstick !

The winner will be chosen randomly and a brand new tube of lipstick will be sent to you from the owner of FSL cosmetics.

Disclaimer : This contest is supported by FSL cosmetics !

Here are some pics to show you how the lipstick looks on :

One lucky winner will be chosen to win this all natural super lipstick by FSL cosmetics !!

Post a comment below about why you would like to win the lipstick, to be randomly selected to win a brand new lipstick from the creator of the brand itself !


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  1. Very Cute! I probably need to pick up their lip conditioner my Rosebud is getting real low! eeekkk! xoxo

  2. I'd love to win because I want to try FSL lipsticks, and after seeing the 3 my aunt purchased (and now loves), I want!

    makeupbykimporter at gmail dot com

  3. I have never tried their brand before but I follow them on twitter :)

  4. They really offer quality ingredients and I love the creator of the brand she is an amazing woman.

  5. I will love to try a whole natural lipstick!

  6. Very natural looking with a touch of gloss. Nice.

  7. I haven't heard this before but it looks great.

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  9. I want this lipstick for my small little sis and for me also