Sunday, January 16, 2011

I won a Carla Mancini Clutch !!

Let me be the first to say that I have won/received and been given things to review on twitter. Some of which were not "great quality". So, I would just keep quiet about those said item(s). In fact I actually think I receive a lot of things some of which I am yet to have time to write an in depth review about. With that said, I was lucky enough to WIN a handbag from Carla Mancini on their twitter/facebook contest.

It is a mini clutch made of vintage Italian fabric and a gorgeous sequin pattern. The quality of the bag is beyond what I expected. It truly took me by surprise. Everything, down to the stitching and the sturdiness of the bag has impressed me. And I have used it almost every time I have went somewhere special since I received it. I like its versatility and its ease to make every outfit seem simply more put together. I am really happy to have found this brand and will keep you updated on any purchases I make and keep me updated if you get anything too !

Here are a few pics of the bag I received :

It came all wrapped up in this pretty dust bag

Check out Carla Mancini Handbags HERE


  1. congratulations! the clutch looks so gorgeous! :)

  2. very nice! I was trying to win that myself ! :-)

  3. Congratulations for winning, it is an amazing bag i will be gifting this bag to my wife on her birthday.

  4. How cute is that bag and dust bag ;) I'm jealous hahahaha enjoy xoxo