Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beauty Quotes and Pictures That Made Me Smile !

Here are some quotes and pics for you to enjoy !

Have a beautiful day !

Face Of The Day

This was my Face of the day for February 16th. :

Products Used : Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation in "Warm Sand"
Sedona Lace Stippling brush (to apply foundation)
Physicians Formula Light Bronzer
Physcians Formula In "Pink Glow"
L'oreal Voluminous Million Lashes
Tarte blending eyeshadow brush
E.L.F eyelash curler (not in picture)
Revlon "Super Lustrous" Lipstick in "Fuchsia Fushion"
Too Faced Lip Injection (lip plumper, also not in picture)
Smashbox "Brow Tech" in brunette to fill brows (not in picture)
Maybelline Mineral Power concealer in Sand
L'oreal High Intensity Pigments (HIP) metallic shadow duo in "Magnetic" #206

Here is a close up of the eye makeup I really love L'oreal HIP eyeshadow !

Hope you enjoyed the Face Of the Day :)

Clickr Easy Karma Magic Eye Cream

I was sent "Clickr Easy Karma Magic Eye Cream" to try out on my eyes. Since I am obsessed with eye creams I was delighted. But, some eye creams leave me with whiteheads under my eyes after long periods of use, or they make me look even more tired then I already am. I like to use products around my eyes that are fragrance free and this fits the bill. It is also formulated without Parabens
,Sulfates,Synthetic Fragrances,Petrochemicals,Phthalates all which can be harmful to your skin,let alone the eye area.

Clickr is a skin care line created especially for younger skin. It is a genius idea in my opinion. The skin you protect and take care of while you are young is the skin you inherit as you get older. It is proven that people who take care of their skin, stay away from harmful UV rays and have a healthy diet also, have great skin as they mature. The whole idea behind Clickr skin care is something I am truly in love with ! The fact that their products are far superior then a lot of brands I have tried, is also a definite plus !

Eye cream is essential to me. I apply it nightly. After a good cleaning with my Clarisonic I apply toner, moisturizer, eye cream and then I spot treat with a product containing salicylic acid. Eye cream should be applied with you ring finger (it provides the lightest touch of all of your fingers) and gently applied in an upward motion.

Back to the eye cream itself. It is very rich but it is not greasy, so, it does not end up running into my eye like some eye creams do. And, again fragrance free is the way to be, especially when it comes to eye cream. It is also great for sensitive skin, (that is a question I get asked a lot when reviewing a product) .
This product contains diamond dust to polish the skin, silver to minimize fine lines, and gold to promote circulation.

I have been using it for about 3 weeks and have noticed that my eyes do not look as tired and it decreases the look of dark under eye circles. When I say that, I do not mean they vanished over night !! It takes time. You have to be religious about you skin care regimen.

I am overly satisfied with this product ! I would recommend this to someone who is just starting to realize they need a little boost in their complexion or if you want a new eye cream, it is great, I do not have a single complaint.

Earrings By Traci

I was lucky enough to win a great pair of earrings and a bracelet from a blog contest held by @EarringsByTraci . She hand crafts each piece of jewelry she makes. There is something I love about handmade items. They always feel more unique. She even offers customization, which I think is great.

Some of the earrings that I would take a look at are the "Peace earrings" (in the shape it up section of the website) and "Butterfly'' earrings (also, in the shape it up section of the website). Another great thing to check out are the vintage earrings. I particularly love the "Vintage Tear Drop" earrings. The "Peacock" earrings (feather earrings) would look great with a light turquoise shirt and a nice light green and dark turquoise smokey eye.

Check out the earrings and bracelet that I won, I wore them to my friends bridal party and they dressed up my whole outfit (even thought it was a very casual event) and everyone asked where I got them from !

You can see the hard work and craftsmanship that goes into making the earrings. They are hand painted and completely designed by Traci herself.

Check her website out HERE

Saturday, February 12, 2011

EOTD using BeautyUK eyeshadow again

So the ease of having a small eyeshadow palette with a wide variety of colors got to me, I did my eye makeup while driving yesterday (not something I recommend !!! ) but I have to admit the more I am using BeautyUk shadows the more I like them. At first, they seemed like any other shadows but I see myself reaching for it almost everyday. I have friends coming over later. I'm hosting a spa party. So, I am going without makeup for today (my skin needs a break anyway !)

Here is what I created at a series of red lights ! ( Again, do not do your makeup and drive)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Battle of the Heat Defense Sprays !

I have been using a heat protectant in my hair since, I am usually using some type of heated tool. And at first I was using Pantene Pro-V "Heat Protection & Shine" and I liked it but the part that sprays your hair, would not only spray my hair but it would also hit my mirror, counter, bathroom wall and anything within about 5 feet of me (not an exaggeration)

So, the other day I went grocery shopping and found my new fave heat protectant. (Yea, it was on my grocery list, haha). For a staggering $1.98 I found Dove "Heat Defense Therapy" with a normal spray top !!!!!! I also took a look at the ingredients and they are way more protective for you hair then the ingredients in the Pantene heat protection spray. The Pantene has alcohol as the second ingredient ( an alcohol that is denatured and is not nearly as drying as ethyl alcohol) but still it did not even occur to me to look at the ingredients in my Pantene product.

"Dove Heat Defense Spray"contains more silicones which is what will give your hair some protection against heating and styling tools. So, not only am I thrilled to be able to have found a great new product that does not spray down my entire room when using it, but it is also better for my hair !! SCORE !

Plus, they are changing the packaging so I got it for a promotional price ! But the regular price is still not bad at around $5.00.

Look at the spray top on the Pantene (left) sprays 5 feet in a stream like spray. The Dove heat defense evenly mists hair ! I'm in love !

So, if you are in the market to protect your hair. I did my research. The ingredients are good and actually contain many of the same ingredients as salon brand heat defense sprays ! So, spend your money wisely. :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EOTD using BeautyUK products

I was pleasantly surprised when I received my BeautyUK "10 Piece Eyeshadow Collection" and the "Extreme Volume Length + Lift Mascara. The packaging is cute and simple and the shadows looked bold and inviting.

This is my eye of the day using the Pink shadow (last one top row) as a base. And, Red shadow in my crease and blended outward. Also, using their "Extreme Volume Length+ Lift Mascara. The shadows are perfect for the price that you can purchase them for. (Roughly, $6.42 USD) plus, their shipping is so reasonable at $6.95. You might want to order a lot to get your money's worth in shipping.

The mascara does what you would expect it to do, nothing too crazy but overall decent mascara.

I am a very big fan of the shadows however and like how bold they are when you apply them. The colors show up very nicely and very easily on your lids. And I was happy to say it did not crease ! I did have primer and concealer on underneath it. But not a crease in sight, which is great in my book ! And I had it on for at least 8 hours.

Pros- Tons of color choices in one tiny palette that can be thrown in purse/makeup bag, reasonable shipping, very pigmented, did not crease one me !

Cons- Not the easiest to apply so be careful to only get shadow where you want it, some fallout, nothing extreme though.

Overall I am happy I was sent these products and when I want to buy a bunch of items I will be stopping by !

Check them out HERE

The site is set up so cool that is another thing I forgot to mention ! I love the website design !

Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Hand Rescue !

Since most of the U.S have been battling some of the most inclement weather ever, I figured a post on what I do to keep my hands soft and smooth was necessary. My hands were getting so bad that they would actually split open. So, I knew I had to take charge. I saw moisturizing gloves by "Earth Therapeutics" they are infused with aloe, vitamin E and aloe. They actually make your hands feel smoother.

But, it wasn't enough I needed some extra TLC. So, I used it with my favorite hand lotion for the winter. Neutrogena "Norwegian Formula" hand cream. This cream is my go to cream for the harsh Winter months. You can feel the difference between this and other creams. It really is nourishing, hydrating and when my hands were in pain from all of the dryness, it healed them.

At night I liberally apply the Neutrogena "Norwegian Formula" massage for about 3 minutes into my skin and slip on my "Earth Therapeutics" moisturizing gloves. I sleep with them on overnight. I think that is the key. Overnight, you will notice a difference. I do this at least 4 times a week. It is the only way I can get my hands through the winter with me !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clickr Skin care

I was sent the Clickr Skin care "Figure It Out" skin polishing kit. I have combination oily skin and while I have very rarely deal with any major breakouts. I have the occasional terrible pimple. I also during certain times of the month get little bumps on my forehead, which I hate. So, I wouldn't say I have problematic skin but I definitely want clearer skin.

I have used the Clickr products since early December. I use it in conjunction with my clarisonic mia and my Boscia skincare luminizing black mask. I have been using the Pearl Face Wash daily, followed by the "No more derma drama" vanishing mist which I opt to spray on a cotton pad and swipe over my face (the reason I do this is because I feel it lifts up any traces of makeup or debris that could be left behind. It can be just sprayed directly onto the face). Then once I am done cleansing and toning I applied the "Diamond Dust Skin Polisher"

I don't know if it was a shock to my skin that I was not bouncing around from product to product and I was staying on one regimen. But I do see an overall difference in the appearance if my skin. Around that time of the month when I normally see at least one big "problem" pimple and those bumps on my forehead. I did not get that problem pimple. I did get the bumps on my forehead but I think that is just my skin. Overall, I am very happy with the results I have experienced with the products and I would recommend it to someone who wants to maintain their skin just the way it is.

One of their sayings is "Zits or not, skin needs lovecare all the time". The products are all natural and best of all vegan. They all smell nice and clean and are refreshing.

Another really cool fact to know about Clickr skincare which has me so impressed and makes me think every single company out there should adapt to this. White glove service. NO ONE ever touches the products ! Clickr has chosen to have everyone use white cotton gloves who touches the products in their filling, assembly and packing process. To me that is golden. That is one of the first things I read about the product that intrigued me so much. I love companies that are unique and not to mention hygienic !

Overall rating - B+
Would I use it again - Yes, and I would also try some of the other products they have to offer

Visit their site HERE