Friday, February 11, 2011

Battle of the Heat Defense Sprays !

I have been using a heat protectant in my hair since, I am usually using some type of heated tool. And at first I was using Pantene Pro-V "Heat Protection & Shine" and I liked it but the part that sprays your hair, would not only spray my hair but it would also hit my mirror, counter, bathroom wall and anything within about 5 feet of me (not an exaggeration)

So, the other day I went grocery shopping and found my new fave heat protectant. (Yea, it was on my grocery list, haha). For a staggering $1.98 I found Dove "Heat Defense Therapy" with a normal spray top !!!!!! I also took a look at the ingredients and they are way more protective for you hair then the ingredients in the Pantene heat protection spray. The Pantene has alcohol as the second ingredient ( an alcohol that is denatured and is not nearly as drying as ethyl alcohol) but still it did not even occur to me to look at the ingredients in my Pantene product.

"Dove Heat Defense Spray"contains more silicones which is what will give your hair some protection against heating and styling tools. So, not only am I thrilled to be able to have found a great new product that does not spray down my entire room when using it, but it is also better for my hair !! SCORE !

Plus, they are changing the packaging so I got it for a promotional price ! But the regular price is still not bad at around $5.00.

Look at the spray top on the Pantene (left) sprays 5 feet in a stream like spray. The Dove heat defense evenly mists hair ! I'm in love !

So, if you are in the market to protect your hair. I did my research. The ingredients are good and actually contain many of the same ingredients as salon brand heat defense sprays ! So, spend your money wisely. :)


  1. great post! I was just looking for a good heat protect spray, I will definitely try dove :)

  2. You will love it. I forgot to mention it smells good too !

  3. I hear Chi is also a protector for the hair xoxo

  4. Lauren, Have you been able to find this product lately? If so, where?? It's the best product I've used and I can't find it any longer!