Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nicole By OPI Swatches

I have recently become obsessed with Nic's Sticks By Nicole for OPI. They are so convenient. When I recently purchased the Nicole by OPI quick dry drops I became even more obsessed.

My nails can now be done much easier at home because the sticks are so easy to use when polishing your nails and the drops make it a breeze, instead of waiting an hour before touching anything I feel confident that my nails are completely dry in about 10 minutes.

1st Pink color is - Express-Ion of Love
2nd color is - In The Nic Of Time
3rd color is - Text Me
4th color is - Baby Go Bye-Bye
5th color is - Indigo Go-Go
6th color is- Where's My Chocolate ?
7th color is- Home By Midnight

I love all of these colors. I am beyond obsessed with Nicole by OPI. And the Quick Dry Drops add to everything being even more amazing !!!

Look how the applicator is shaped. It makes it so easy to polish your nails yourself. Something I normally can't do !

Check out Nicole By OPI HERE


  1. I love the Sally Hansen stickers no drying time but I will try this out too I wanted to try out a pen anyways lol

  2. I hate the sticks.. glad it worked for you