Thursday, June 16, 2011

Totally Fabulous Cosmetics

Totally Fabulous Cosmetics, it sounds like a hard name to live up to ! But, I have to say judging by what I tried it is clearly living up to its name. That is a true pleasure. And, I am happy to show you how gorgeous some of the products are.

Blush-on #320 is a matte mauve color and it goes on nicely and is extremely easy to blend. That is one of my main concern when wearing blush. You don't want something that you're going to put on your face and it turns out to be cakey in one spot. I HATE THAT ! But, none of that here !

I used "Sandstone" a mineral shadow as a base color, it is a great base color. It is a flat gold color with a sheen to it (no sparkle) I lined my eyes with #825 a deep chocolate color with great sparkle I did a really winged out eye. In the crease of my eyelid I applied #821 and added a touch of the #825 to darken it a bit. So, it served as a duo shade, which is awesome !

Also, covered my blemishes before using foundation with the color natural. Covered my blemishes well !

As far as the lipstick I have on, I applied Pink Patina and than I used blush to give my lips the same gorgeous mauve color I have on my cheeks. I love mixing eyeshadows, blushes and pigments into light glosses to give myself a unique color and because it usually lasts very long when I do it. Give it a shot with any color blush and you should be happy, as long as you like the blush of course !

The owner of Totally Fabulous cosmetics is Ms. BebeD. She is a fabulous person I have had the pleasure of "meeting" on twitter. The slogan for "Totally Fabulous Cosmetics" is : Totally Fabulous Cosmetics the brand that belongs in every fabulous women makeup bag, bathroom, makeup kit and pocket book . Trust me you wouldn't be disappointed. I agree you won't be let down if you try the products. They are comparable to high end brands I normally use. (Taken from

The brand itself has personal makeup consultations and photo shoots ! They do Bridal Parties and Prom's ! You name it they do it ! You can host your own makeup party with the products and earn free products or Ca$h ! They are located in New York City. 80 Broad Street 5th Floor
New York, NY 10004.

In addition to the cosmetics line Ms. Bebe is also the CEO of which offers 100% indian hair. That I have not personally tried but if anyone tries it please let me know !

Check out Totally Fabulous Cosmetics on Twitter it is updated daily with great skin care and makeup tips
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Check out Totally Fabulous cosmetics website HERE
And also, check out HERE

These products were sent from the company for my consideration. But as always I like to keep everything real. The products worked out really well for me and I am thrilled to have tried them ! Check them out ladies !!