Thursday, July 28, 2011

Girl Powder

I never really considered myself to be an outdoors kind of gal. But, in the harsh reality of everything, your lips and face are always exposed to the elements of nature. I am a big advocate of SPF and mainly just preserving your face. Your lips are obviously just as important ! There are not many times you will catch me without at least some kind of protectant on my lips. I always have something on, even at night time.

I was sent Girl Powder" Active Lipgloss " and it is a very unique idea. They combined cuteness with minerals that protect your lips from the sun and all types of vegetable oils and shea butter to keep your lips super smooth and it's not like wearing regular old chap-stick. It is glittery and girly and actually smells and tastes delicious.

Here is me sporting the Strawberry Active Lipgloss

It is made with 99 percent natural ingredients and I have to say they nailed it because one of their main concerns was stickiness. I can NOT stand when my hair goes in my lip gloss and it is all tacky, YUCKKK !!! The texture of the active gloss is spot on ! I won't wear certain brands of lipgloss due to the fact that the stickiness is an issue with me. And this gets a thumbs way up !

Check them out HERE

Here is an excerpt from the "Girl Powder" site:

Finally-A lip gloss created for the active female, which nourishes, moisturizes, and protects lips naturally. The active female strives to live a healthy lifestyle and values natural products, and now with GIRL POWDER’S Active Lip Gloss, she can support and enjoy the active lifestyle while looking flawless.

Non-Sticky! Tired of your hair constantly sticking to your lips? Fret no more

Natural! Made with 99% natural ingredients and packaged in 10mL Tube

Long Lasting Protection! Containing Shea butter, vegetable oils, and minerals provides wonderful protection from the sun

Stand Out! Lightly shimmers in the sun, keeping you glowing all day long no matter where you are

Tasty! Three delicious "snow cone" flavors: Strawberry, Pineapple, & Bubble Gum

High Quality! Created in Barcelona, Spain, we developed the perfect formula that rivals top luxury brands as well as stands up to the test of Nature.

Visit Girl Powder HERE

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