Monday, August 15, 2011

The Best Leggings On The Block

I love wearing leggings. It is just pure comfort to me. The far that they can be dressed up is probably my favorite thing about. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort with leggings. That is why I am borderline obsessed with them.

I love them in the Fall with a chunky knit sweater. I love them in them during the Spring and even Summer with a loose shirt paired with heels or a flats.

My favorite brand of leggings are worth blogging about. At first when I was in my early stages of wearing leggings, I could not stand the bulky waistbands that many brands of leggings had. I tried everywhere from H&M to Neiman's --to Target. No luck. Until, I struck it big at Nordstrom !

The brand BP makes my have leggings and they are a perfect Fall staple. (crazy that I am thinking of Fall !). I also wore them on my trip last week to Boston. Walking around in them is extremely comfortable and they are still super stylish.

Paired the leggings with a Gold bloused, cinched it with my Moschino belt and put on flats. Walked around all day in pure comfort !

Look how tiny the waist band is ! The best part !

Cute Gray leggings with zippers on the bottom. Amazing for Fall with booties.

Check them out HERE

I love the new navy color too !!


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  2. Leggings for girls are a great to finish off stylish looks both comfortably and fashionably.I like Gray leggings with zippers on the bottom. It is really cute.