Thursday, August 18, 2011

For the love of FSL !

I have said it time and time again. FSL cosmetics is simply amazing. The way it hydrates your lips, cannot be compared to any lipstick/lip gloss that I have ever tried. And they all smell like heaven ! Not sticky at all! (my major problem with most lip gloss and lipstick).

The creator Kimberly Riley earned her bachelors degree in chemical engineering and double minors in chemistry and business administration. Her goal with her line is to use natural, pure ingredients that not only look great but do great things for you as well.

The lipsticks consist of a vitamin- rich, antioxidant- potent formula. The lip glosses contain organic jojoba oil, avocado oil and acai extract.

Here are Mz. Berry (lipstick) and Brown Butter (lip-gloss)

Here is Brown Butter and Mz. Berry mixed together :

Here is "Brown Butter" :

Here are 2 of my other favorites from FSL :

The lipstick is called "Purple Luv"

And the lip gloss is called "Seduction"

"Purple Luv" is an amazing color for Fall (fast approaching) and "Seduction" is amazing with a little black dress and neutral eyeshadow (throw some red polish in the mix) and you have yourself a classy and sexy look !

Check out FSL cosmetics below :


  1. I have "Seduction"! It smells like brownies & it's incredibly pigmented.

    --- Nicole

  2. Really it is nice product. Staying in lining up with the mission of FSL Cosmetics, the 2011 Summer Glosses are natural and eco-friendly, soak with delicious scents, and serve as great moisturizers.

  3. Hey!, I would like to know some more information on how you feel about FSL cosmetics.

    I am a student reporter at Florida A&M University, also, editor for an in-class magazine project named, 'Stepping Out' and my publisher and I are writing a feature story on the founder.

    Your comments will be appreciated! If I can get a response before Monday, Sept. 19, 2011

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