Monday, August 8, 2011

Pre Sale Kardashians for Sears

I am a big fan of Kim Kardashian's style. No matter what you can say about her, she is always dressed impeccably (well most of the time lol ). Her sisters almost always fall into the same category as far as fashion goes as well. I especially love Kourtney's style, (maybe even a little more than Kim's)

So their new line at Sears drew interest to me. I for one have not stepped into sears since my mother used to dress me, as a child. I am assuming that Sears is trying to revamp their name and draw more of a young crowd to purchase their clothing.

I have to admit I am totally digging this leopard jumper :

And these boots are also adorable :

They even have cute lingerie !

Another cute item :

Currently, the products are on pre-sale and are 30 percent off !

Take a look HERE


  1. Kim has fab style, loving these. Thanks for the lovely comment, following you with GFC and Bloglovin :) xxx

  2. great looking blog you have! really enjoy it! hope u return the visit and do the same..

  3. Well, I impress with Kim Kardashian's style. The entire collection of dress is beautiful.I am impressed by this collection and especially the brown dress. Thank you for sharing.