Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Would you spend $199.00 on the envy pillow , to be wrinkle free?

Food For Thought :

It is known that sleeping on your side causes premature wrinkles. It has been shown in many studies. By age 60 you will have sent 20 years sleeping. So, it does make sense. but would you spend $199.00 on a pillow ?


It does boast some pretty revolutionary stats !

Read their "About Us" HERE

It is not only good for anti- aging it is also good for spinal support. Since I have spinal problems this looks even better to me. But still can't justify the price tag !

What about you ?


  1. I need to look into this pillow stat! And I look at the price as it being fair. Because you would sleep on the pillow every night. So you would get ur money's worth! XX

  2. It's definitely a bit pricey but let's face it, if it helps prevent wrinkles from forming then it's worth it. I swear by silk pillowcases. They prevent pillow lines which over time causes wrinkles and it's definitely easier on the wallet than this pillow.

  3. Without a doubt. We both have one and love it.

    The preventing wrinkles is a bonus. I like it for the health benefits. ( ie neck, back , and no more numbing in my baby finger)

  4. enVy comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.....and we mean it : )
    That might help!

  5. Absolutley!! After a long conversations with the inventors (Kim and Kathy) I decided to try the ENVY pillow, not only to prevent fine lines and wrikles but because it also includes benefits like a deeper sleep and assists with proper alignment and support for my back and neck. Being in the Medical Aesthetic industry myself, I was thrilled to see such a great product that is multi-funtioning. ARE YOU WORTH 10 cents A NIGHT for 5 years, I think so! Thank you KIM and KATHY for allowing me to not only sleep better but for keeping me looking young!
    The ENVY pillow turned me from a non-believer to a believer, that a pillow can make all the difference!

  6. Best pillow ever! I've had mine for two years now and it helped me immensely after a shoulder injury in 2009. I of course don't mind the added perk of looking youthful and staying as wrinkle free as I can being a Medical Aesthetician :)

  7. It's probably cheaper than a lot of creams that are on the market out there that you have to keep on buying. If it also helped you to sleep better - even better. It could say you money in the long run and improve your health. Money cannot buy your health.

  8. I originally bought my enVy pillow just over a year ago on a recommendation from my anti-aging doctor to make my filler last longer and lessen lines on my face caused from sleeping on my side. It definitely did a spectacular job on that! My lines diminished, especially over my lip and on my forehead.

    ....But recently the enVy was a lifesaver for a different reason.

    On June 10th I had a breast reduction and it was far too painful for me to sleep on my side and my aftercare directions said that I had to sleep in my back for the following four weeks. At the time I thought this would be impossible! Rest is very important to recovery so I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get enough but thanks to the enVy it wasn't as tough as I had anticipated. The V shape made it easier to fall asleep and more importantly, made it comfortable enough that I didn't toss and turn in the night, allowing me to heal faster and a lo more comfortably which made all the difference in the world to my recovery.

    So the enVy for me is worth a lot more than just $199 and I have even recommended it to three friends that were suffering with back, neck and shoulder pain and they thanked me shortly after using it so it worked for them also.

  9. Buying Envy pillow was the best thing I did this year for a better quality sleep, I had neck pain and upper back pain and I didn't know what causes it, until I bought this pillow. It is worth every penny. I fully recommend this pillow