Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Lots Haul

The idea of saving money appeals to almost anyone. So, I find joy in clearance bins and at wholesale stores. It is fun to me to see how savvy I can be. And, the fact that at Big Lots has many items at wholesale and insanely low prices makes me happy !

I picked up so makeup (of course) and some house products.

First, I am thrilled with the face that I scored TWO Cover Girl Boundless color polishes for one Dollar. 50 cents each for nail polish !

Nivea- Touch of radiance body wash ,cream oil body wash. I used it tonight and it is just as gives you the same feeling as using dove body wash which I would normally pay $6.00 or more for.

Body Exfoliator - for in shower use. Kind of like a wash cloth that removes dead skin cells. ONE dollar.

Revlon Lipstick- Daring Pink . TWO dollars.

I needed a conditioner because for some reason I always run out of conditioner wayyy before I run out of the shampoo it goes with. I picked up Alagio professional hair care conditioner . It is a volumizing conditioner. And it lived up to its claims. I used it tonight and I am happy with the results. Wish they had the matching shampoo. But at $1.50 for good hair conditioner, that I am happy with. I will not complain that they did not have the matching shampoo.

House Goods

I had my eye on a chefs mat in Bed Bath and Beyond. But it was $85.00. When I went into Big Lots and saw an almost identical I threw it into my wagon. Come to the register and it was 18.00. Something, I was considering buying for $85.00 for $18.00 made my day. It is great because when I cook, I get tension in my legs and this relieves it.

I also picked up 1 bottle of Carpet Cleaner for when my dogs have their "accidents" on the spots where we have carpet. Purchased it for one dollar ! I usually buy carpet cleaner in Target for about $7.00. So, BIG SCORE

And picked up Kitchen Cleaner with bleach. I am big on cooking and I must bleach everything down after I do so. So, for one buck. I snagged two !

I am happy with my haul and I know everything will go to good use and it was all extremely CHEAP !

Hope, I inspired you to go out there and bargain hunt !

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  1. LOL you remind me of myself when I see bargains, I throw everything that catches my eye.