Friday, September 23, 2011


I present to you, Curlformers!

The idea behind curlformers is to create gorgeous curls without heat damage.

Here is how it works :

I washed my hair and then applied Garnier Fructis Volume Inject once my hair was about 50 percent dry. Then I picked up a curlformer and go to work.

What you do is, thread the hook with the curlformer, put your hair in the hook end, and slide the curlformer onto you hair. Then, it snaps back into its coil shape. And, you hair is tightly wrapped in a coil. That is why you get bouncy curls with this !

It took me a few tries to make sure my hair did not get stuck in the curlformer. And it took me about an hour, the first time. I used every single curlformer.

This is what you look like while they are on :D

The colors are so cool. love that it has a tote bag to neatly hold all of them !

Overall, I am thrilled with the results. I have pretty straight hair and I like the fact that I can curl my hair without using heat. (major plus)

  • No heat, so less trauma to the hair.
  • Gives voluminous bouncy curls with no crunch
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Can blow dry them to have bouncy curls, fast !
  • Curls last a long time, especially, considering my hair doesn't hold curls easily


  • Pulls quite a bit of hair out during the process ( could be because I am a newbie)
  • A little time consuming, but I think that will get better with time & practice
  • Very hard to sleep on, so I recommend doing it during the day

Here are the results of what it looked like when I took the curlformers out. I sprayed them with a little Alterna Summer Hair RX Ocean Waves, to give the curls more texture.

I am extremely happy with the results and want to keep practicing so, I can achieve this look much faster !

Check them out HERE

Disclaimer - I was sent this product for review. That does not reflect my opinion on the product in any way. As you can tell by the pictures, my normally stick straight hair had volume and curls !


  1. WOW such a cool product... it creates really nice curls too!

  2. I should really try this! I damage my hair so much because I always use a curling iron. What do you think about hot rollers?

  3. -Belen- these are great bc they are heat free and you get mega curls. As far as hot rollers I prefer the curling iron to them. I think it is less damaging. :)

  4. Good to know! Thanks for ur feedback!

  5. Well, I think curlformers are good to make curly hairs.
    I like the hairs style very much. It will less damages to hairs!