Friday, September 23, 2011

My Experience With The Envy Pillow

My experience with the Envy Pillow has been great. I have major back/neck problems. Proven medically, not just something I like to complain about. So, when I read about the fact that this pillow allows side sleepers to sleep on their side and still have your spine be in proper alignment intrigued me.

Aside from all of that , this pillow has proven to slow down the signs of aging. People sleeping on regular pillows sink into their pillows, creating lines on your face prematurely. This pillow is memory foam. But, it is not your average memory foam pillow.

Pic may be blah but ,the pillow sure isn't !

I always struggle to find pillows that suit me. I purchased a memory foam pillow not too long ago and I gave it to my brother because it was not doing anything for me and I knew he would enjoy it.

I have been sleeping on pillows that I have had for years, gross I know but I use pillow protectors, and wash them often.

But anyway, back to all of the amazing benefits and statistics of the Envy Pillow :

It has Chiropractic and Physiotherapist endorsed neck support, it is made of dust mite resistant , anti-microbial foam, it comes with a 100% bamboo pillow case.

It is also different in the way that it allows side sleepers the option to sleep on their side without putting any undue pressure on the delicate facial tissue.

It has been tested in sleep labs and was created by two registered nurses who were on the quest to create the perfect anti-aging pillow. It took them years to come to the final product and I must say it is great.

I am a pillow critic. This gets my vote for best pillow , and I have tried many pillows claiming to give proper neck support. They always fell short because I am a side sleeper. This made my world a better place !

P.S. it also comes with a travel bag, so you can take it with you on the go !


  1. Always wanted to try this pillow out for our neck. Currently use a memory pillow that we do like but now it will wear out soon. Thanks for the review of this product.

  2. I REALLY want to try out this pillow!

  3. -Belen- this pillow is worth every single penny !

  4. If you love it that much...then this pillow might be worth a try. Uncomfortable positions tend to disrupt our sleeping hours, and that can lead to a bad start the next day.

  5. Well, envy pillow are great. I like it very much. I wish I could have this pillow. Thanks for sharing!