Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Birchbox Review

" Birchbox delivers the best products and the best insider secrets, without any fuss. Every month Birchbox members will receive a curated box of luxe beauty samples. Each box will span beauty categories and deliver exciting products that fit into both your day-to-day routine, and into those days when you want to turn up the drama a notch.

Co-founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp met at Harvard Business School. They created Birchbox to help women cut through the clutter of the beauty world to find products that really work for them."

(Above taken from Birchbox website)

As with most beauty related products. Birchbox has a lot of bad and good reviews swirling around it. I decided I would give it a shot for 3 months, if I don't like it I will just opt out,

I will admit. I am not that impressed, as far as the September birchbox goes. I am not dissatisfied , just fell below my expectations.

Here are the products and the extra in my September Birchbox :

Liv Grn (earth) : A company that makes natural fragrance and products from sustainable, earth friendly ingredients. The scent that I received was earth. It is very comparable to DKNY "Be Delicious" . That is what I immediately thought upon opening it. It is very strong in my opinion. But with wear I will say it smells very good. I even received a few compliments on it. ( I threw it in my bag, not thinking I would use it. But it came in handy.) Overall, very happy with the fragrance selection. I love earth friendly products.

Incoco Nail Appliques - I have blogged about incoco before. It is absolutely, hands down 10 times better than Sally Hansen Nail Effects. Incoco will last me an entire week. With Sally Hansen Nail Effects I experience chipping within 2 days. So, I am happy that they included this as well.

Pangea Organics Facial Cream - I will state that this is just my experience. I am very sensitive to products with fragrance in them. Mainly, every single thing that goes on my face is fragrance free. This product is heavily fragranced. Not with synthetic ingredients but with essential oils. Which for some is fine. My skin cannot tolerate it. I applied it to my hand knowing I needed to "spot test" first and it made me itchy in about 10 minutes.

I like the Blue Glitter Incoco Nail polish strips !!!

The Pink friendship bracelet blends nicely with my collection of evil eye and Hamsa bracelets. It does fit in quite nicely.

Cute bracelet !! Nice added touch !

(Not pictured Jouer lip enhancer, I am pretty stoked about this item also. It is very nourishing and is something I would actually consider purchasing (especially considering the colder months are approaching.)

I am not thrilled. But I am not unhappy. I pretty much, like everything aside from the face lotion.

Let's hope next month is a little better :)

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