Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beauty and Health Tips on A Budget

Just wanted to share with you some easy tips that you could try that will help you stay fabulous on a budget ! 

1) Emergen-c is not just great for you to drink. Use it on your face as a mask (make it into a paste, mix a small amount of water with the powder until a pasty consistency is formed. The vitamin C in the mixture helps your skin cells produce more collagen, therefore you will look more radiant.

2) Use milk as an exfoliant. Use fat free milk on your face. Dip cotton ball in small amount of milk and it will exfoliate your skin due to the lactic acid in the milk. Lots of high end exfoliants contain lactic acid.

3) Coconut Oil - You can use this as a body moisturizer, hair mask, makeup remover. It has so many uses and keeps skin looking amazing. I have been applying coconut oil one hour before I shower to my body and hair. My skin & hair have never looked better. I am hooked.

4) Bananas & Lemon - Great for oily skin. Mash one banana and add a few drops of lemon juice let sit for about 15 mins then rinse well and you can even exfoliate it off with a washcloth.

5) Egg Yolk, Honey and Olive Oil - Great for dry skin. Mix one egg yolk with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of olive oil. Leave on your face for 30 mins. Remove with cool water. Your skin should be smooth. Repeat this ritual once a week if your skin is really dry.

6) Get rid of the inflammation of your pimple with Asprin. Take one aspirin in your hand and add a few drops of water (very few, until it forms a thick paste). Apply to your stubborn pimple(s) and let it sit for about 30 mins. Wash off with cool water. Asprin is a natural anti- inflammatory and it will bring down your pimple. Don't do this more then 5 days in a row as it can dry out your skin.

7) For unruly chapped lips - Dip a baby toothbrush into vaseline and gently exfoliate the dead skin off of your lips. Now, your lipstick or gloss won't look cake on your lips !

8) Vegetable oil - Can be used as a makeup remover or for the softest feet ever apply it on your feet at night. Put on cotton socks and sleep all night with it on your feet. Instant pedi.

9) Add Epsom Salt and Baking Soda to your bath water and it will draw out your toxins.

10) Baking Soda - Add it to your shampoo when you feel like you have a buildup of styling products and oils in your hair. It will remove all the residue and allow your hair to shine ! 

Hope these tips helped ! A little goes a long way with these tips :)

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  1. Lauren:

    Loved the emergen-C tip. Great to take the packets
    With when traveling.At home I use powdered Vitamin C. Bought a huge jar at the vitamin store for very cheap. Put it in my drinks,clean with it.Be careful though, if spilled it can act like a bleach.

    Please warn folks away from Vaseline use, especially on the lips. Vaseline is a petroleum distillate. Since its sticky, there's a real possibility of ingestion Better to use coconut oil, which is fabulous for everything.

    I also read somewhere that a mushed up banana applied to the heels, covered with socks,then rinsed off after 10 minutes, helps to soften the callus build up. Haven't tried it yet though.

    I am interested in all things using natural & skin care. I'm glad I found your tweet and will follow you on Twitter.

    Diane (ddsquared)

  2. Great Post!!! I love homemade masks! I had no clue you could use the Emergen-C that way lol Very creative!

  3. Coconut oil has been used by women in Indonesia since ancient times. They put it in their hair, rub in their skin and sometimes taken as medicine. There is a renewed awareness of virgin coconut oil in the region.

  4. Oh wow I didn't know you could use Emergen-C as a face mask! I have lots from when I was sick :)

  5. Shampooing every other day is an important step for keeping your hair looking good. Washing hair on a daily basis can strip away oil from your scalp.