Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gorilla Life --Chlorophyll Drink

                                                        Gorilla Life 

I am a firm believer that what you put into your body shows up on your face. Although, some people are lucky and can eat what they want and not gain a pound, for instance. If I have a poor diet it quickly shows on my skin. I get dull skin very easily. And, it isn't due to my skincare routine which I take very seriously. 

 So, it is my diet that I focus on. 

  ENTER --- Gorilla Life

     Gorilla Life Green Drink is a 100% all-natural drink. It contains a unique blend of purified water, organic agave or honey, organic chlorophyll, and Vitamin C.

What are the benefits of chlorophyll you may be wondering ?

An incredible source of antioxidants, chlorophyll helps neutralize harmful molecules (free-radicals) in the body that can damage healthy cells. It is an extremely efficient deliverer of magnesium and boosts the blood’s ability to transport oxygen to cells throughout the body. Chlorophyll is considered the basis of all plant life, and it closely resembles the molecules of human red blood cells.

   I chose the agave sweetened version of gorilla life. It tastes like a lemon ice ! I was expecting it to taste horrible, but it was delicious. I actually looked forward to drinking it. 

 Lets face it. We don't always have the time to put the best foods in our bodies. This is an easy way to drink something that will ward- off free radicals. 

  Overall, I had a great experience and plan on ordering more. They updated their website recently and it looks great. When I placed my order the site was a bit confusing but it is in great working order now ! 

It made me feel great. But I do have to say, you may feel a bit queazy (it passes quickly) as it is ridding toxins from your body and you will be excreting them (TMI ?). But hey, it is better than those toxins staying in you body !! 

Rid the toxins and you will feel better. I finished my 12 bottles and have not had the time to order more because I have been doing a lot of bouncing around but once I am settled I plan on drinking this at least 3 times a week. It really improved how I feel. I felt more energetic and lively and even got better sleep !  

Your can purchase Gorilla Life Green drink directly from their online store and have them delivered conveniently to your front door.
You may also buy the drink at several retail locations throughout California and Arizona, which include Whole Foods, Erewhon Natural Foods, Nature Mart, Mother's Market, and many others. 

Check them out online HERE 

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  2. Well, I think chlorophyll drink is good as it contains only natural ingredients. Moreover it will not any side effects.