Friday, December 2, 2011

Winner of the Envy Pillow Giveaway !

The lovely ladies over at Envy Pillow were kind enough to supply me with a pillow that is a $199.00 value for a giveaway.

I selected my winner in a different way this time and I actually like this way a lot ! I asked my followers to select a number between 1 and 88 (amount of comments) but I didn't tell them what it was for. I chose the first number that someone tweeted at me and that was 17. So, the 17th comment holder won the GIVEAWAY !

The 17th comment was ksceviour (@ksceviour on twitter) 

I will be sending the winner an email informing them. 

I also know I can not pick a winner like this again because you guys will know what I am up to !   LOL

Thank you everyone for entering ! 

Here is a little excerpt from the companies website :

The enVy® pillow was designed by two nurses with an interest in Anti-aging medicine. The unique patented design allows the user to sleep on their side or back in perfect alignment without putting any pressure on their face. Sleep lines, which are formed by forceful pressure of the tissue against the S.M.A.S. over time become permanent and unsightly. Filling them is only a temporary solution as over time they will return. Long term side sleeping will also cause an increase in cheek decent as well as flatness on the preferred sleeping side.
enVy® is also the perfect post procedure tool that can be offered after facial surgery. The pillow’s patented design provides invaluable comfort to the client that their sleeping position will not negatively impact the surgical area with unwanted contact with the pillow.

enVy® allows the client to receive the much needed restorative sleep on their back OR on their side with their face slightly tilted.
enVy® is also suitable for preventative anti-aging measures. If you are not ready or not comfortable with the idea of injections or surgery, enVy™ is a terrific way to assist in avoiding developing sleep lines or asymmetries by keeping you off your delicate facial tissue while you sleep. enVy® also allows you to apply your nighttime skin care products without worrying about them ending up on your pillow case!!
Lastly, enVy® is a perfect solution for acne sufferers. enVy® gives you the comfort of knowing that your facial skin is not being suffocated into a standard pillow and that your nighttime skin care treatment is staying where it belongs……on your face.

Congrats to the winner ! 


  1. Congratulations - love to see a follow up and how the pillow works for you!

  2. Thanks so much!! Cant wait to get my new pillow! :)