Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ways to save, even when you spend !

The main focus on beauty blogs is what we buy and how we use it. I for one like to use quality ingredients on my face, as far as my skin care routine is concerned. I always find a way to figure out how to effectively use my products to get the most of them.

One of my favorite products to use after washing my face is Peter Thomas Roth Max Correction Pads. Coming in at $36.00 for 60 it is by no means, cheap. However, it WORKS like a charm. And, thats what counts. Plus, it is formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMO's , triclosan. Now that I've told you what it doesn't have, I will tell you that it contains 10% glycolic acid and 2% salicylic acid.

What I do to make these last twice as long is simple. But I don't know if everyone thinks like me , so , I thought I would share.

You will need :

A cuticle scissor (any scissor will work, Cuticle scissors are just easier to use)

I didn't say this was going to be rocket science (LOL) I just simply cut each of them in half. They are saturated enough that you can easily get 2 uses out of one pad. (I also do this with my neutrogena makeup remover wipes,when I am not wearing too much makeup).

Snip- Snip

That makes 2

I usually cut 4 pads at a time. I use half of one every night  after washing my face. So, this turns 60 pads into 120 pads. Double the use. Leaving me a savvy shopper and a happy camper !

Another product that I am realy into is called " Every Drop " . It does what it says; it gets every drop. So, if you have a tiny bit of product trapped in a jar, it will get it out and you can use it on your skin.

This is great for getting the last bit of product out of any jar , container etc. I just used my foundation so you could see color comparison to show you how it works. It is a very cool concept and I really like the idea of getting " Every Drop " out of my makeup, skincare, hair care, lipstick, etc ! 

Check it out HERE 

Hope you enjoyed my tips on saving some money. If you have any tips of your own PLEASE, share them with me ! 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hydroxatone Review

Hydroxatone Revitalizing Microdermabrasion :

Revitalizing Microdermabrasion by Hydroxatone was developed as a "micro-polish" to provide physical exfoliation that is gentle enough for regular, consistent use.

I used this on my face because I was looking for more even texture. It is a great exfoliant. I used it daily. My skin is not very sensitive. So, I could tolerate daily use. However, if you have extremely or even mildly sensitive skin, I would try it once a week. It has fine granules that did a great job scrubbing my face without being too abrasive. It seemed to help my problem area which is my nose (blackheads). Not completely fixing it but definitely minimizing the noticeability of my pores. I first left it on my skin for one minute and gradually worked my way up to 3-5 mins at a time.

Check out how fine the granules are
(The finer the granule the less abrasive it will be)

Hydroxatone Instant Lift Pads :

Description :

The discovery of safe, natural proteins that subtly relax muscles to deliver instant wrinkle diminishing effects, has driven science to apply this new classification of "neuropeptide". Proven safe for short-term and long-term topical use, neuropeptides help provide instant and lasting visible results. When combined with Matrixyl 3000, the skin firming benefits escalate dramatically.
Jump starts age reversal by delivering concentrated proven age-reversing ingredients:

  • Dramatically improves skin firmness

  • Visibly neutralizes fine lines

  • Softens the appearance of wrinkles

  • Adapts to any region requiring a youth promoting lift - including eyes, vertical lip lines or smile lines

  • I am not going to lie I don't use this religiously. However, I probably should. Since, it is best to use anti aging products earlier on and preserve your skin. But when I do use them , I notice a change in my face. I have tiny lines that you may not notice but when my skin gets dry I see them. This is definitely something I will be using more. I liked my results. I don't think any product is going to do you any good if you just let yourself "age" and then try to play "catch-up". So, it is definitely smart for me to use them more consistently !

    Perfectly shaped for under the eye 

    Hydroxatone AM/Pm anti-wrinkle complex :

    Key Ingredients :


    Supports three key building blocks needed for fresh, youthful skin. It helps your skin to promote natural levels of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, and Fibronectin.
    Unique anti-aging peptide specifically designed to provide fast and visible results.
    Hyaluronic Acid
    Virtually unmatched in hydrating the skin because of its ability to retain water more effectively than other natural substances, resulting in increased smoothness, softness, and decreased appearance of facial wrinkles.
    SPF 15
    Contains SPF 15 to help protect the skin against the sun's harmful rays.

    This is FANTASTIC. I have been walking outdoors a lot and I think this has really helped shield me from the suns rays attacking my face. And, my favorite thing about it is that it doesn't burn my eye area like other SPF 's can do. I definitely love this. I use it in the morning and it is not too greasy to apply your makeup over , which, is another plus.

    Overall , I like the quality of hydroxatone a lot. The ingredients are top-notch and the products definitely deliver !

    Check them out HERE 

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    Blue Hair, Don't Care -- Katy Perry's Grammy Look with Glitzy Lips

    Love or hate Katy Perry ? She put on , one amazing show last night at the 2012 Grammy's . I know there was a lot to say about her blue hair. But, I think at this point in her life she is just trying to express herself. And, I personally like that she kind of returned to her pro-female self and rocked out last night !

    My focus wasn't on her blue hair, I adored her lip color. They were so metallic and sparkly and just caught my attention. I did my research and found that she was wearing Glitzy Lips  in the color Pink Couture. It is definitely a color I would wear for New Years Eve or somewhere FUN , where it would make me stand out ! I am enamored !

    Pink Couture
    (The color Katy Rocked)

    Some Other Fab colors by Glitzy Lips 



    You can shop for Glitzy Lip Products HERE

    Follow them on Twitter HERE

    Monday, February 6, 2012

    Quick Eyeliner Tip for Those Experimenting with Eyeliner for the First Time

    Quick Eyeliner Tip for Those Experimenting with Eyeliner for the First Time 

    Here is what you will need:
      Flat eyeliner brush – The tip is small, square and flat and just a little soft. Dark brown powder eyeshadow – Save the black eyeshadow for when you get the hang of the technique. Water – Simple as that !

    Steps to Achieve Flawless eyeliner

    And, remember, practice makes perfect.

    Take your eyeliner brush and swish the tip back and forth into a little of the brown eyeshadow. Tap on a paper towel. 

    Rest your elbow on a table to keep your hand steady.

    Take your other hand and place your finger at the outer edge of your eye between your upper eyelid and eyebrow. 

    Apply slight upward pressure.

    Place your brush next to your lashes. Begin making a series of small dashes from the outer eye area towards the center. This is what you will be doing:


    What will actually happen is that the dashes will run together in one continuous line.

    Now...Just line your lower lashes the same way. If you need to you can fill in the line by doing it again. 

    Just a quick tip to those people who are just experimenting with makeup !

    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Güd By Burt's Bees

    I love to smell good, who doesn't ? 

     But the smell of Floral CherryNova by Güd (Burt's Bees) is divine. And it moisturizes sooo well, I had to blurb about it. 

     Icing on the cake it is formulated without sulfates, parabens and is never tested on animals !! Top that off with compliments on how amazing you smell. 

    Count me in for the shampoo and conditioner too. The lotion has me hooked ! 

    YUM  !! 

    Thursday, February 2, 2012

    Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender

    I am extremely picky when it comes to my hair. I have the kind of hair that is not curly but it is not straight, either. It is sort of just a puff of coarse, thick hair, if I do nothing with it. NOT pretty !

    SEE BELOW -- I covered my face bc I don't need pictures of myself with my hair in a puff ball , circling the internet * lol *

    Very becoming picture lol ! 

    I am actually recovering from chuckling over that picture.

    Anyway, I have been using Kerapure Keratin Blowout Extender. It was sent to me for review and it is normally not something I would purchase myself. I am so HAPPY I was sent this product. My hair is so much easier to maintain. And, the more you use it the better your results will be.

    Here's the scoop :
        Kerapure uses new Amino technology formulated without FORMALDEHYDE (be very careful with keratin blowouts and research if you are getting one) . You need to take your time with Kerapure. That is the one thing you will have to be patient with. I let my hair air dry about 40 percent and then proceeded to spray about 12-15 sprays onto my hair. Distributed it evenly and allowed my hair to dry a little bit more.

    I then did everything I normally do. Blowdryer, flat iron.

    My normal routine took me from 3 days (normal amount of time between blowout/straightening) to 5 days of having my hair looking fabulous !

    Heres the science :

    • This semi-permanent, style sealing spray infuses keratin into the hair shaft and seals the hair cuticle to keep hair smoother, shinier, straighter and frizz-free for days.
    • The patent-pending, heat activated technology incorporates KERAPURE’s renowned Cross Linked Amino Technology to transform hair with just a blow dryer.
    • Designed to simplify the blowout process, lock in style and leave hair flawless for days on end (even in stifling humidity).

    How To Use Properly :

    • Cleanse and condition the hair followed by a cool rinse.
    • Towel dry the hair until damp.
    • Shake Keratin Blowout Extender well and spray 7 to 10 pumps all over hair.
    • Comb through hair distributing the product evenly and for best results allow the product to sit for 15 minutes before blow drying.
    • Blow dry hair straight and flat iron to seal in long-lasting shiny, smooth, sleek 
    • styles

    Here is a pic of my mane tamed after use :

    Don't mind the serious face. 

    Bit of an improvement from my puffy hair. And, it is taking much less time to achieve the results that I normally get. Over time using this product actually trains your hair into being more cooperative.

    I give it 2 thumbs up !

    Winner Selected For The BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette

    Hi Everyone !! It has been awhile and I have been extremely busy getting acclimated to my new home in Florida. 

    First, I want to thank everyone for reading ! And, to say, I am back !!!

    Secondly, I selected the winner for the BH Cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette via

    Out of 115 comments , number 75 was selected and I will contact them through their email !

    You can congratulate the winner on twitter @geekchic21 !!

    The winner will be receiving A BH cosmetics 88 Neutral Palette courtesy of BH cosmetics ! 

    Thank You, to everyone who entered !
    And a surprise is in the works for you guys !!!