Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Hair, Don't Care -- Katy Perry's Grammy Look with Glitzy Lips

Love or hate Katy Perry ? She put on , one amazing show last night at the 2012 Grammy's . I know there was a lot to say about her blue hair. But, I think at this point in her life she is just trying to express herself. And, I personally like that she kind of returned to her pro-female self and rocked out last night !

My focus wasn't on her blue hair, I adored her lip color. They were so metallic and sparkly and just caught my attention. I did my research and found that she was wearing Glitzy Lips  in the color Pink Couture. It is definitely a color I would wear for New Years Eve or somewhere FUN , where it would make me stand out ! I am enamored !

Pink Couture
(The color Katy Rocked)

Some Other Fab colors by Glitzy Lips 



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  1. I loved her lips. Got online after her performance to find out what it was. Can't wait to try it.

  2. I dunno.
    I'm not sold but I like the concept..

  3. Hi...! I like her lips. Thanks for sharing.