Sunday, March 11, 2012

My week back in NY -- went to Folica Headquarters for Satin Smooth Pro !

I was invited to NY by to be part of their very first installment of what will be called " Hair To Tuesday's "  I wanted to share some pics and tell you that not only is folica a great website but all of the girls I had the chance to meet from Folica were absolutely amazing and friendly and dealt with my nervousness of being on camera, politely ! It was a great experience and I REALLY hope to work with them again !

(P.S. Thank God the hubs and I have a nice little place to stay in NYC, thanks to his parents as it is their side apartment, we just decorated it and put furniture in it lol ) I am originally from NY and so is my husband but we recently moved to Florida. ( complicated life lol )

The focus of the video was for a great company called Satin Smooth Pro -- check it out for amazing waxes that won't irritate skin. 

There is the Satin Smooth Banner and some of the MANY waxes they have available and you can also see the wax warmer which is what I used to later wax my own eyebrows !

Had to be cheesy and take a pic inside Folica  headquarters
( I was so happy to be there !! )

On to my outfit lol I had to look great since I knew I was going to be on camera :


Outfit :

Top - J crew Silk Blouse - Available HERE

Jeans - Guess Jeans "Nicole" Style HERE   (they no longer have the wash I am wearing but the fit is AMAZING)

The shoes are from Mandee they were purchased during the beginning of Winter but if you like them , they may still have some at your local Mandee and are probably half off regular price !!!

Accessories - Ring Forever 21 , Hamsa Necklace with evil eye and my usual engagement ring and wedding band.

Will post my foundation and contouring video soon. I love to contour ! 

Another Night Out

 My husband and I went out to eat with our dear friends and here is what I wore. We went to En Japanese Brasserie in the West Village. The ambiance was very nice and the food was pretty good !

Finished my hair and Makeup
Still in my robe lol 

Outfit of the Night 

Had to bundle up bc it was FREEZING !

Alissa and I at En
Our men are not in this pic , but it is a cute photo of us girls  :)
(For the record, Alissa is more strikingly beautiful in person lol)

My outfit was super simple :

Shirt - is from TARGET and it doesn't photograph well but I wore it out another night and it really compliments my skin tone and I love the loose fit ! 

Jeans - Just USA skinny jeans  HERE

Boots - La Canadienne Mila Bootie HERE

Accessories : David Yurman Ring , Braceletes from Forever 21 , usual engagement & wedding band.

Okay, so this post went in a few directions lol. I will update you more about the video I did with Folica and Satin Smooth Pro as it comes along ! They are editing it and will be sending it to me to post here and they will have it on their youtube channel as well !

Thanks for taking a peek into my life :)


  1. You look like a model! Loving the pics and your hair looks freaking amazing on this entry. GOod job!! :)In which part of FL are you in??
    I'm in Florida :)

  2. I like your dressing style and hair style so much. Even, I like your night make up. Such a nice and causal T-shirt you wear. Really like your style.

  3. I agree you look like a model :) Love your jeans!!


  4. really cute!

  5. I can't believe how long ur hair is!! It looks so good!!
    As always you look gorgeous!

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    I like your wearing design and tresses so much. Even, I like your evening create up. Such a awesome and causal T-shirt you use. Really like your design.

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