Monday, April 30, 2012

Interview WIth Christie Livoti From TV Show Brooklyn 11223

I don't know about you guys, but I am addicted to reality television. It is my one true weakness. And, being that I am originally a Brooklyn girl I was hooked when Brooklyn 11223 started airing on oxygen at 11:00 pm. I inadvertently know Christie, the main character from the show (long story,lol) and thought it would be great to interview her, here, on my blog for some of her tips on how she stays so fabulous !!

PERFECT natural makeup
Flawless ! 

Looking Beautiful ! 

Christie on the right

The main part of the show is about Christie (right) and Joey Lynn (left)

Daily News

Looking ultra glamorous !!

OK! magazine 

1) First off, how do you like being on television ?
Christie : I like it, sometimes I get a little weirded out watching myself because i still cant believe we have our own tv show but it's definitely cool.

2) Did you ever think you would be seeing yourself weekly on T.V ?
Christie : No, me and my girlfriends always joked that a tv show one day but never thought it would actually really happen.
3) Do you feel more pressure to always look good, now that you're in the public eye ?
Christie : I still dress and do my hair the same as I always have.I usually only wear makeup when I'm going out to a club or party. 

4) Is your hair naturally straight/curly/wavy ?
Christie : My hair is naturally half curly and half straight but if I dont use any morrocan oil it's a big frizz ball.

5) Do you have a favorite shampoo and conditioner ?
 Christie : I like to use organix or anything that is sulfate free really.

6) Have you ever highlighted or dyed your hair ? If so, did you like it ?
 Christie: I once woke up and decided to go blonde that day haha I kept it like that for about 3 months and   haven't dyed my hair again since.

7) What do you think of the ombre hair trend ? Where girls are dying just the bottom parts of their hair... Cute, not cute? Would you ever give it a shot ?
Christie : I don't think I will dye my hair again because it does so much damage to it but I don't see anything wrong with people that like to experiment and try new looks.

8) Do you flat iron your hair because , it always looks perfect ? Any tips on how you achieve the look of your fabulous hair ?
Christie : Most of the time of I know I'm going out I'll go over my friend Banins house do she can do my hair for me. The only thing I know how to do it straighten it lol 
9) I know you don't wear makeup that much , but how often would you say you where it during a regular week ?
Christie : On a regular day I usually just wear moisturizer,bronzer eyeliner and I curl my lashes. In the summer I don't wear anything unless I'm going out out because I already have a tan.

10) Again , I know you don't wear a ton of makeup but do you have a go to lipstick or lipgloss that if you throw on it just makes you feel instantly "done up" ?
Christie : I love MAC lipglass 

11) Do you ever wear fake lashes ? if so, like them or pass?
 Christie : I love wearing eyelashes Jen puts them on for me sometimes .

12) How much fun was it getting glammed up for shoots for the show ?
Christie : During filming I didn't wear much makeup but when I did like in the Vegas episode it was so much fun i'm like a little girl playing dress up haha 

13) Do you like having other people do you makeup ?
Christie : Yes, I love having my makeup done because I'm not very skilled in that area unfortunately lol.

14) Do you have a favorite foundation ? Or favorite makeup that you always seem to buy ?
Christie : I use MAC Mineralize skinfinish as bronzer because it's not shiny and has a very natural look   that I love.

15) Who is your favorite handbag designer ?
Christie : I love love love Louis Vuitton! 

16) Who is your favorite Shoe designer ?
 Christie : Christian Louboutin of course :)

17) Do you follow an exercise or diet routine or are you just naturally thin ? Any tips are welcomed here !
Christie : I do not exercise but I am going to start so I can build muscle. I think that I stay so thin because     I eat about 5 times a day but in small portions so my metabolism is constantly working. 

18) Do you have one secret beauty tip that you could share ?
Christie : I believe that looking natural is beautiful! 

19) How often do you go tanning ? 
Christie : I tan about twice a month. I'm nervous to go tanning so often because I know it will have a        negative effect on my skin as I get older.

20) What is a typical "getting ready to go out " routine like for you ?
Christie : Go shopping which I can do everyday haha I LOVE to shop.. Go for a manicure at Anna & I nails. I go to do my eyebrows every other Thursday. Go to my friend Banin's house so she can do my hair. Go home put a little makeup on and that's it, I'm done.

So, there you have it everyone !

Will you be watching the Season Finale tonight on Oxygen at 11/10 central ?

I DEFINITELY will be !!

Arbonne Clear Advantage

Another HUGE contributor in my battle against Adult Acne is Arbonne Clear Advantage.  Like most of the products I use Arbonne is pure, safe and BENEFICIAL. If you look closely at some acne medications , cleansers and whatever else is out there. There are warning labels. Scary ones. Arbonne is committed to giving us pure, healthy ingredients that do not interfere with our bodies natural chemistry.

As you know from previous posts, I was having a very tough time with my sudden onset adult acne (as, I like to call it) I was trying everything under the sun. But I truly love natural ingredients and some of the things that I was looking at were FAR from good and contained ingredients that you would have to sound out. And, also usually contained a series of numbers in the ingredients.

My lovely sissy in law saw the concerns I was having with my skin and she told me about the Arbonne Clear Advantage kit. She is an arbonne representative. So, I consider myself lucky to know someone who believes in healthy living as much as I do. I try and eat right and do the right thing. But I ended up with some onset acne. Anyway, back on topic. This stuff really works !

What is in the set :

Clear Advantage Clarifying Wash

Clarifying Toner 

Clarifying Lotion

Acne Spot Treatment

All of the products are amazing. One thing which is easy to get past is, since the products don't contain fragrance, the spot treatment doesn't have the most pleasant smell. It is nothing unbearable and it is definitely worth it for the results you will receive. 

I was very eager to get my hands on it !

Arbonne is a green, vegan company. All of their products (as of this month) are gluten free. They have been around for 32 years. Free of parabens, sulfates, and is Paba free. It is made here, in the United states . It is never tested on animals and contains no animal derived products. (Does bunny hop , haha) I love companies that do not test on animals !

They have many other great products that target very specific things like , aging and any other problem you may have with your skin. 

Take a look at all of the products and if you do order something please use the link I am providing below ! Also feel free to email me if you do order something and tell me your experience.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Adult Acne Help

I am going to be having a ton of skin care reviews coming up. Because, of the fact that I was dealing with adult acne. It is very common. Mine was brought on by something and luckily the skin on my face made me realize something wasn't right in my body. (if you don't know what I am referring to please, see previous posts).

Needless to say, when you go from having fairly decent skin to waking up one morning with a few extra "accessories" on your face, you want to cry. I am always trying to help people with their skin problems and now it was my turn.

Another obvious thing to me was, I am going to try every product in creation to get rid of this ! I love natural skin care lines and it is pretty much the only thing I will use to cleanse, tone and moisturize with. I like organic, I like simple. I like healthy, not harmful ingredients. I tried several products. I will talk about my first BIG HELP in this post.

Clickr is a skin care brand that I swear by. Never has a product by them, let me down. They are fragrance free and don't contain anything harsh. The more harsh ingredients you put on your face, the more damage you're doing. I hate to say this because when I was really struggling I just wanted to scrub my acne away. WORST thought/idea ever. Be kind to your skin. Especially, when it is in a fragile state.

Clickr has an amazing  " Total Acne Kit " that truly helped me ! The best part about clickr is they do not use Benzoyl Peroxide. This ingredient is absorbed through your skin and your body cannot get rid of it, so, it is stored in your liver for the rest of your life ! 

That information above should make you look at the back of your face washes, body washes and whatever else we apply to our skin and make you think about the fact that what we put on our skin gets absorbed into the body.

Anyway, on to what this kit contains :

    • Daily Dermabrasion wash – gently sloughs off what’s not needed and prepares skin to absorb beneficial blemish-busting nourishment   
    • Hot Face Mask  – detoxes, unclogs, clears and smoothes (use 2 – 4 times per week)

        •  Acne Face Treatment – apply daily over face and neck to prevent breakouts and leave skin smooth. (this is the moisturizer of the set and can be applied to you entire face as needed)

I loved using all of the products in conjunction with one another and I really did reap the benefits. I have come across natural products with claims to do amazing things. And, they don't deliver. Clickr delivers high impact and quite fast results ! 

And, I am going to go the extra mile and post some pictures of what I was experiencing on my face. If you are grossed out, simply do not look. I want to help others who may be going through the same thing as me. I did not want to leave my house. It is a horrible thing. I have sympathy for any who has it , had or or may get it ! 

                                             Cheek area

Completely separate incident on my cheek AGAIN


I cropped my face out of the pictures because as an entirety it looked so bad. I was so embarrassed !

But luckily some issues have been addressed and the Clickr Total Acne Kit was a GREAT HELP in my battle.

This is something that comes and goes. I am sure I am not done with this and I even have scarring left from how deep the pimples were !

I am just thankful I have healthy products that really work. I did not want to go the route of using proactive because it has so many chemicals and I have heard disaster stories about it.

More Products to come that helped me a lot !

Plus, drink tons of water ! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Chinese Face Mapping

I have been having an extremely tough time with my skin. I had to have surgery and my hormones were all over the place. Normally, I wouldn't talk about it but I will include a snip it of what went on so you can be aware. I had polyps on my uterus removed. It wasn't detected on an ultrasound and I had to fight until I saw the right doctor ! It was discovered when I was in surgery that I had polyps. And my face was showing every single sign of my hormones being ALL over the place. But everything appeared on my skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and you can actually learn a lot about you body by looking at the skin on your face.

Above is a picture of a typical Chinese Face Mapping sketch. Their theory is that the skin we have on the outside reflects what we are experiencing on the inside. And , interestingly enough. I had breakouts on my chin and upper cheek area. So, it was on point with what was going on inside of my body !

Chinese ‘Mien Shiang’ literally means face reading and is also known as face mapping. Face mapping  helps you understand the underlying health and well being of yourself or a loved one. Face mapping is very popular in the Chinese culture and I have to say that I am convinced that it is true.

Below are what some of the symptoms may mean : 

(don't freak out and diagnose yourself with something, this is just something I found to be so interesting).

 I learned about it a lot while I was in esthetician school as I worked with Dermalogica products and the line also believes in doing face mapping. It wasn't until recently that I actually believed we could diagnose issues by looking at our faces. We always had representatives from Dermalogica coming in and face mapping us and most of my breakouts even then were hormonal. But, in your twenties, that is expected. 

 When my breakouts became far more pronounced is when I started to actually realize something was wrong. I had gotten tested for a hormone imbalance and it turned out I had one ! So, listen to your skin.

Forehead : Liver and Gall bladder

Lack of sleep, eating too much fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol will lead to a spotty forehead. This reflects your digestion and you will need to help your body with less processed and fatty foods.
You may also need to stop wearing caps and hats (or make sure they are clean), avoid having a fringe and keep your forehead clear of anything that may irritate it.
Eat as much raw food as you can and drink lots of water to help your liver. Get lots of fresh air, do some brisk walking to get the circulation going and rest more.

Between the Eyebrows : Stomach and Liver

Again this could be excessive rich foods or processed foods overloading your system. You could also be lactose intolerant and finding it hard to digest heavier foods such as meat.
Raw foods, lots of water and try to cut out on diary and meat products for a week or two and see there are any improvements.

Temples and Brows : Kidneys

Too much toxin, too much stress and too little water – causing too much ‘heat’ inside your body
Drink lots of pure water and eat ‘cooling’ foods such as watermelon, cucumbers, apples to combat the excessive ‘heat’.

Nose : Heart

High cholesterol and fatty foods will block arteries and impede blood circulation.Toxins will try to ‘escape’ through the skin as the other organs become overloaded.
Drink herbal teas to reduce cholesterol. The best is Organic Green Tea as it has gone through less fermentation process and is full of anti-oxidants; or you could also try Oolong Tea 2 -3 times a day. Do 30 minutes of light to moderate exercise daily and eat low fat fresh produce and lean protein.

Upper Cheeks : Lungs

Pollution, smokingasthma, respiratory ailments will all lead to breakouts and broken capillaries in this area. This is also the area where rosacea and acne could also flare up.
Remedies:Fresh air and exercises that increase oxygen intake will help as well as avoiding fatty and spicy foods. Again avoid all the culprits such as caffeine, alcohol, processed foods and try to avoid too much diary products and meat. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the way to go.

Lower Cheeks : Stomach and Liver

Indigestion, overload of toxins and too much rich foods. You will find that this and the mouth area are areas that flare up after a festive season such as Christmas where there are more fatty and sugary foods around.
Go easy on sugary and fatty foods. Tempting as they are, eat a small portion or a small bite instead of eating the whole thing. Drink mint, aniseed or camomille teas after a big meal to aid your digestion. This is the time where a one to three day skin detox juice fast will do wonders to clear your skin.

Mouth and Chin : Stomach

You are what you eat and it will show around the mouth. If you eat fast foods and no greens, then you will experience eruptions around the mouth and lower cheek area. Check also for teeth or gum problems and whether a change of toothpaste has had any adverse effects.
Cut out the processed foods, anything fried, spicy or oily and go fresh and green. Add more fiber to your diet and drink lots of water. 

Jawline : Colon and Ovaries

Hormonal imbalances due to monthly periods for women, stress and other causes could link your acne and hormones together. Some medication will also cause a reaction in this area. Late nights and a change of climate, living habits (eg: travel), and also anxiety and stress can cause breakouts in this area.
Yoga, plenty of rest, deep breathing, meditation will all help to balance your mind and your body. Eat simply and organic where possible concentrating on leafy greens and fresh produce. Fish oil Omega 3-6-9 and evening primrose oil will also help.

Ears : Kidney

Too much salty foods, not enough water, too much caffeine will cause the ear area to flare up.
Cut out on salt and beware of foods that have added salt. Read all food labels carefully. Drink water regularly during the day.
Although face mapping is a good indicator of our inner health, there are other factors also that contribute to acne skin problems. Personal hygiene, clothing, cleaning products, weather, foods, lifestyle all play a role  in our skin’s overall health and appearance.

I hope that this helps some people. It is something I have been enveloping myself in, since my surgery. I have been drinking water like crazy, I have not been eating after 7:30. I have changed a my outlook and I do think it is extremely important to nourish our body from the inside out ! I am not saying I won't have days where I will eat like crazy because I am sure I will splurge ! But, I will be more conscious of what and when I eat ! 
Thanks for reading !

Susan Hanover Jewelry giveaway on Katrina Lomidze Blog

Katrina Lomidze is having a fabulous giveaway on her blog. I decided to do a post to spread the word. Her giveaway is with Susan Hanover. A jewelry designer who has amazing and different designs. And on Katrina's blog you have the chance to win a piece of Jewelry by Susan Hanover !

Here is a link to Katrina's blog which always has some great fashion ideas, makeup ideas and AMAZING photography plus ENTER her giveaway !  >> www.KatrinaLomidze.Com

I love these tassel earrings and she also makes tassel necklaces which might be my favorite

Let me know what you think of Susan's Jewelry and GOOD LUCK !

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Some Insight From Experience

Recently, for those of you who follow me on twitter or read my blog religiously. You may have noticed my absence. It is due to a number of things. But more importantly I am having some medical problems.

  I just want to give everyone a heads up on some things I have learned. Ladies, stay on top of your body , in the sense that if something feels even slightly off go see your doctor immediately. Because, it can be far worse than you think it is. Or, it can be nothing and at that point at least your mind is clear. The body is a complicated thing.

 Another thing I came across is since I moved to Florida and no longer have the doctors I have known for years seeing me. Doctors are not always right, you know your body more than anyone. I told my doctor that I thought something was wrong and she said she didn't think it was but "if it would ease my mind she could send me for ultrasounds and blood work" . And, as it turns out it was just as I expected. Had I not asked her those questions , she would have completely overlooked something pretty serious.

I know I talk about the outside of our body on my blog. But, if you don't have your health , you don't have anything.

So, just be aware. Don't feel like you're annoying the doctor when you have questions ASK AWAY !

Just wanted to let this out. Because I know some women put off the doctor or don't ask questions because they feel the questions are "dumb". Always be persistent if you feel something is wrong.