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Interview WIth Christie Livoti From TV Show Brooklyn 11223

I don't know about you guys, but I am addicted to reality television. It is my one true weakness. And, being that I am originally a Brooklyn girl I was hooked when Brooklyn 11223 started airing on oxygen at 11:00 pm. I inadvertently know Christie, the main character from the show (long story,lol) and thought it would be great to interview her, here, on my blog for some of her tips on how she stays so fabulous !!

PERFECT natural makeup
Flawless ! 

Looking Beautiful ! 

Christie on the right

The main part of the show is about Christie (right) and Joey Lynn (left)

Daily News

Looking ultra glamorous !!

OK! magazine 

1) First off, how do you like being on television ?
Christie : I like it, sometimes I get a little weirded out watching myself because i still cant believe we have our own tv show but it's definitely cool.

2) Did you ever think you would be seeing yourself weekly on T.V ?
Christie : No, me and my girlfriends always joked that a tv show one day but never thought it would actually really happen.
3) Do you feel more pressure to always look good, now that you're in the public eye ?
Christie : I still dress and do my hair the same as I always have.I usually only wear makeup when I'm going out to a club or party. 

4) Is your hair naturally straight/curly/wavy ?
Christie : My hair is naturally half curly and half straight but if I dont use any morrocan oil it's a big frizz ball.

5) Do you have a favorite shampoo and conditioner ?
 Christie : I like to use organix or anything that is sulfate free really.

6) Have you ever highlighted or dyed your hair ? If so, did you like it ?
 Christie: I once woke up and decided to go blonde that day haha I kept it like that for about 3 months and   haven't dyed my hair again since.

7) What do you think of the ombre hair trend ? Where girls are dying just the bottom parts of their hair... Cute, not cute? Would you ever give it a shot ?
Christie : I don't think I will dye my hair again because it does so much damage to it but I don't see anything wrong with people that like to experiment and try new looks.

8) Do you flat iron your hair because , it always looks perfect ? Any tips on how you achieve the look of your fabulous hair ?
Christie : Most of the time of I know I'm going out I'll go over my friend Banins house do she can do my hair for me. The only thing I know how to do it straighten it lol 
9) I know you don't wear makeup that much , but how often would you say you where it during a regular week ?
Christie : On a regular day I usually just wear moisturizer,bronzer eyeliner and I curl my lashes. In the summer I don't wear anything unless I'm going out out because I already have a tan.

10) Again , I know you don't wear a ton of makeup but do you have a go to lipstick or lipgloss that if you throw on it just makes you feel instantly "done up" ?
Christie : I love MAC lipglass 

11) Do you ever wear fake lashes ? if so, like them or pass?
 Christie : I love wearing eyelashes Jen puts them on for me sometimes .

12) How much fun was it getting glammed up for shoots for the show ?
Christie : During filming I didn't wear much makeup but when I did like in the Vegas episode it was so much fun i'm like a little girl playing dress up haha 

13) Do you like having other people do you makeup ?
Christie : Yes, I love having my makeup done because I'm not very skilled in that area unfortunately lol.

14) Do you have a favorite foundation ? Or favorite makeup that you always seem to buy ?
Christie : I use MAC Mineralize skinfinish as bronzer because it's not shiny and has a very natural look   that I love.

15) Who is your favorite handbag designer ?
Christie : I love love love Louis Vuitton! 

16) Who is your favorite Shoe designer ?
 Christie : Christian Louboutin of course :)

17) Do you follow an exercise or diet routine or are you just naturally thin ? Any tips are welcomed here !
Christie : I do not exercise but I am going to start so I can build muscle. I think that I stay so thin because     I eat about 5 times a day but in small portions so my metabolism is constantly working. 

18) Do you have one secret beauty tip that you could share ?
Christie : I believe that looking natural is beautiful! 

19) How often do you go tanning ? 
Christie : I tan about twice a month. I'm nervous to go tanning so often because I know it will have a        negative effect on my skin as I get older.

20) What is a typical "getting ready to go out " routine like for you ?
Christie : Go shopping which I can do everyday haha I LOVE to shop.. Go for a manicure at Anna & I nails. I go to do my eyebrows every other Thursday. Go to my friend Banin's house so she can do my hair. Go home put a little makeup on and that's it, I'm done.

So, there you have it everyone !

Will you be watching the Season Finale tonight on Oxygen at 11/10 central ?

I DEFINITELY will be !!

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  1. She's gorgeous (so are you hehe). Cool interview with tips peppered through. Liked it!