Friday, May 18, 2012

Have Faith Swimgerie review

Have Faith Swimgerie is a swimsuit company which was founded by Jennifer Stano & her husband Alki David. The company has recently merged with Swimgerie , which is owned by Lilly Ghalichi. Each of the companies, separately made beautiful bikinis/swimsuits. I am thrilled about the merge. And, if you look at the women who run the company, you can see that they have impeccable style, which is reflected in their swimsuit designs.

I decided to write this post today, because. After a while of a stressful time. I finally slipped on my Have Faith Swimgerie bikini. And, it really makes you feel like a million bucks ! The color of the bikini I purchased looks amazing with a tan. And, the Brazilian cut really kicks up the sexiness of the bikini !

4-play 2011 bikini by Have Faith Swimgerie

The above bikini can be found HERE

The quality of the bikini is really great. And the designs are very different. So, if you want to stand out. I definitely suggest Have Faith Swimgerie.

Have Faith Swimgerie combines  the spirit of fitness into fashion by using the finest materials to create an amazing fit. The brand’s full range of swimwear, cover-ups and accessories ranging from $70 to $150 and up. 

HaveFaith Swimgerie Tunic

Not sure of the name of this Tunic by Have Faith Swimgerie. But the quality is fantastic. The details are amazing.

The idea behind the line is poolside elegance. So, these bikini's are perfect if you're attending a pool party in Vegas, Miami or anywhere you would like to stand out. 

Have Faith Swim was invited to Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week swim in South Beach , Miami .  Where she debuted her 2012 collection.  

Rachel Bernstein wearing Sailor Barbie Bikini
(note this bikini also comes in a lower waisted style, where the bottoms are not up as high ) 

Jennifer Stano with her friend and Model Rachel Benstein

Rachel Bernstein , Jennifer Stano (designer & Model) ,  Morgan Brittany ( from television show Bad Girls Club)
All modeling Have Faith Swimgerie 

Here are some new styles I am currently obsessing over :


Sweet Escape

Nauti Escape 

Man Eater 

Jasmin Sunset 

Flamingo 2011 Have Fairh Swimgerie 

Amour 2011

Only $99.00  !

Hermes Bikini
As seen in Sports Illustared 2012 and also seen on Bar Rafaeli and Super model Miranda Kerr  

The site is having a sale, where some of the items are only $40.00

These are my favoroites ! Tell me yours ! 

Check out the site here  :


  1. LOVE THIS!!! Thanks lauren

  2. Jasmin Sunset is THEE BOMB.


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    The girls are super hot!!! I propose you to go to to promote your products. It is a worldwide marketing place like eBay where you can promote your products.

  4. I love all the bathing suits! Great blog xo