Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Understanding the mysteries of time

We’re obsessed with it, yet we never seem to have enough of it. We measure it, count it, and even race against it – yet we still don’t understand it. Time is a funny old thing! When you’re doing something really nasty or boring, it seems to stand still. Yet when you’re enjoying yourself it flies by. Just what is this strange and mysterious concept?

Watching it fly by
We’ll probably never fully understand time. All we’ll ever know is that there just isn’t enough of it. It dictates everyone’s lives and no one can fight against it. If you’re a busy mum you’ll know better than most how time can affect you. It’s a constant battle to be on time, whether that’s getting the kids to school or getting to work, there are deadlines to meet everywhere. Then you’ve got to somehow find more of it to do the million other things you’re supposed to be getting on with. And before you know it, even though it only seems like five minutes, your little ones have grown up. But you can’t turn the clock back.
The only thing we can really do with time is find a stylish way to measure it. There’s something really beautiful about a fine watch. It might have something to do with the mysteries of time and our amazement that somehow this mechanical device seems to have a grip on it - something we can never achieve. Having a reliable watch is also a great way to make sure you’re never late.
Keeping your eye on it
Watches are more than just practical though. They can also look beautiful. A stylish watch will really set off an outfit, for both men and women. It can also say a lot about you. Men who wear Diesel watches clearly know a thing or two about looking good. These are watches that are beautifully designed and yet won’t break the bank. They make incredible gifts too, so if you know someone who has got a birthday coming up, why not think about giving them the gift of time?
We may never understand time and all its vagaries, but by wearing a watch we can certainly live in harmony with it.....and look good while we’re doing it.

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  1. i'm so blessed to not have to worry about time as much anymore. i'll check this out