Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventures In Juicing

This is my second foray into juicing. A while back, I gave it a shot and I couldn't really commit to it. Now, this is something I want to fully commit to. After having some health issues and watching a few documentaries and overall caring about my health. I decided to start this up again.

When I originally started making fresh squeezed juices at home, I was using the Jack Lalane juicer. I HATED it. Which made making juice more of a task, then a joy. There were bits and pieces of shredded fruit all over my kitchen. I know this could have been my fault, so I tried several ways, putting vegetables and fruits in slower etc. Nothing worked. So, that sat on a shelf. Eventually, a family member wanted it and it cleared up some space.

Enter my new juicer Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor . I used it twice yesterday and this morning I decided to take some pictures to document it. Let me also say that this juicer is extremely efficient. And, cleaning up after it isn't perfect but, it isn't horrific. 

Some Tips for making it a more pleasurable experience:

* Line the part that catches the pulp with a ziplock bag

* Pre wash your veggies all at once. Dry and store.

* Do not put anything with pits in your juicer. If it contains pits. Take them out first.

* Peel vegetables and fruits like melons , oranges and mangoes before juicing 

* To save money, buy fruits that are in season

If there are no torrential downpours this weekend in Florida, I intend on going to the farmers market to get more of a variety of fruits and vegetables to make delicious juices from. And, my next step is going to be making almond milk from scratch. But, that will be a whole other blog post.

This morning I just wanted to make a rather simple juice. And, I absolutely LOVED it. I am not even exaggerating it was DELICIOUS. I went late last night to my local food store and picked up vegetables and fruits from the produce aisle.

So, this morning I started with this :

The Ginger is what made the juice DELICIOUS

Ingredients :

* 3 Stalks ofCelery
* 3 Cleaned Carrots 
* 3 Oranges 
* Ginger ( I used a large amount, don't use a lot if you don't like "kick")

** Did not use the banana, even though I thought I was going to. I didn't think it would yield much juice. And, my cup was quite full from everything else.

You Will Need :

Brush to scrub your vegetable & fruits . I also spray my vegetables with white vinegar when I am washing them. It is much cheaper and more natural then the " Vegetable Cleaners " in spray bottles sold at stores. I put it in a spray bottle spritz the vegetables or fruit with it and proceed to scrub gently to remove any dirt from what I will be juicing or eating. 

Vegetable peeler , if you don't have one a good paring knife will do. I used this to remove the skin on the carrots and on the ginger.

Strainer , if you choose. I like to just place my veggies into it when I wash them. The one pictured that I am using is from the dollar store. So, it is a good investment ! (I don't recommend straining pasta, quinoa or anything that may be hot in a strainer like this bc it is plastic and plastic and heat don't mix. But, I thought it was perfect for my veggies) 

Sharp knife to cut off any pieces of the vegetables and fruits that you may not want to use.

Patience -- LOL

Here are all of the vegetables and fruits I used cut up and cleaned. Again, I didn't end up using the bananas.

It would take quite a while to eat all of that. I drank it in one sitting. The magic of Juicing !

In above picture you can see that the juice literally comes out in layers the top was celery  and the middle was oranges and carrots. It needs to be stirred.

Above is the final product. May not look delicious. But, it really was. And the ginger made it extremely refreshing ! 

Hope you liked this post. It is important to live a better today in order to have a healthy tomorrow ! 

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  1. I enjoyed the post! Thank you for the info about the juicer and the juice!