Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping Clothes And the Environment Clean

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Keeping clothes and the environment clean

Every Mum wants her family to look great in bright, clean clothes. But then again, every Mum also worries about what kind of environment her kids are going to grow up in. Looking after the planet and preserving it for the next generation is all part of being a good parent.

Sometimes that can sit uneasily alongside having to do all the things you do to make the family home run smoothly. Just think about all those journeys on the school run in the car, with exhaust fumes pouring out into the atmosphere. But it has to be done, doesn’t it? How else are the kids going to get to school? You can limit your impact by sharing the run with other Mums, or getting a car with low emissions.

Make a difference at home

Trying to keep energy use to a minimum in the house is easier said than done, but there are still things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint. Perhaps one of the biggest offenders in the home is the washing machine. They can use lots of energy getting your clothes clean, not to mention all the water they need to heat and use. Fortunately, by following a few simple steps, you can keep the family’s clothes clean while minimizing the damage done.

Think about what temperature you’re setting the machine to. Does it really need to be as high as 50˚C? Studies show that washing at 30˚C is just as effective. You could also think about the size of load you’re cleaning. If it’s only a half load, then use the economy setting or quick wash function on your machine.

Go natural

If it’s a nice day and you have outside space, then hang out the laundry to dry. Driers use lots of unnecessary energy and it is best to avoid them, if possible.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to think about the machine you are using. A modern Beko washing machine, like the Spin 1400, is rated A+ on the energy scale. That means it’s about as efficient as it can get. If you’ve got an old machine, it’s very unlikely it will rate as highly, and you could be pouring precious money and energy away for nothing.

These jobs need doing, no one can deny that. But if we can do them with the greatest care and respect for the people and environment we love, then it’s all the better.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazing Hair Find !

I am always on a quest to find new and interesting hidden treasures that women from other countries covet as their "beauty secret" . So, when I saw that a blogger with gorgeous hair Katrina Lomidze (BLOG HERE ) was selling unrefined Argan Oil imported from Morroco, I had to grab it.

I purchased it and applied it to dry hair. It comes in a spray bottle which is perfect for spraying right over your hair. Argan oil is known to have so many beauty benefits. It can be applied to the skin as a moisturizer, to the hair as a natural deep conditioner (my preference) or mixed with other ingredients of your choice to create a great formulation !

My hair NEVER felt silkier than it did when I left this on overnight. No one is paying me or asking me to say this. I left it in overnight and wrapped my hair. I woke up the next morning and shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal and it was very smooth. I am definitely adding this to my hair routine.

The post before this goes over everything I do to my hair. I will probably be doing this mask every two weeks. I moisturize and massage my scalp weekly (or try at least weekly) with coconut oil. This gave a different feeling. Very smooth and silky. I did not blow dry or straighten my hair after. So, I felt like I was really doing a service to my hair.

Let me know if you guys try it !

Contact Katrina Via Twitter HERE

Let her know I sent you !

Enjoy your luscious locks, if you do purchase it !

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How To Grow Your Hair Naturally

I think at some point as women, we are always bored with our hair. And, whether we make the decision to cut our hair or dye it a different color it is just to express ourselves. In a sense it is fun to see how you look with new hair color or cut.

In 2007,  I made a very bold decision to cut my long healthy hair that fell just below where your bra sits, into a bob. Think, Victoria Beckham, who was my inspiration. I loved my hair so much when I had a bob. It was so stacked and layered and I really had it early on in the bob trend so wherever I went women were asking me where I got my haircut and who I went to etc.

This was not even when my hair was at its shortest.
This was late 2007
(no clue what I am doing in this picture, lol)

I kept my hair that way for quite a while. Probably a little over a year. I don't have many pictures of my hair because at that time I was using a different computer and digital camera and I have not a clue where that is. But, I do have some random pictures where you can see my hair. I had layers in my hair that were about 1 inch long in total. My hairdresser used to razor the bottom of my hair. I LOVED it. 

This is early 2008 (with my husband, then boyfriend in Turks & Caicos, our first ever vacation together )
My hair is in a complete untamed state here my hair had great texture bc of all of the angles
But, this is around the time I decided to grow my hair out ! 

When you have all of the layers I had, growing your hair out is a real pain, to say the least. I don't really have many pictures because I hated myself and that is when I  would say I was having an awkward stage. My hair was just a puff ball. I had some really unruly days which I remember wanting to cry and wondering why I ever cut my precious locks off !

That is just the waiting game ! You have to stick it out. And, being grumpy about it doesn't grow your hair ( I tried, it didn't work, lol ). So, once my hair reach my shoulders I still had layers that were up to my chin. I cut it all one length and then it became more manageable. But, I couldn't walk around with my hair all wacky looking any more and as much as I did not want to cut any length. It made a huge difference having my shorter hair be one length. As, opposed to shoulder length hair with pieces popping out of all sides.

After all of that ( I am probably forgetting to mention that this is years, it is not easy !) If you are bored with your hair , curl it if it is straight or straighten it if it is curly ! I don't recommend cutting hair after everything I went through. Unless, it is something you want for a long period of time or if it helps you with saving time. Other than that. I would dye my hair before I cut it (drastically) ever again.

I also had hair extensions (the kind that are glued in with strips)  put in my hair to make up for my inadequate hair (lol) this was only about a year and a half ago actually. I loved my experience with the type of hair extensions I had. They were called " The Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions " I had them done at The Secret Garden Salon in Staten Island, New York.

Link above to the salon I went to. The girl who put in my hair extensions was named Lauren. If you go mention my name. She may not remember me. But, I plan on going back to her for a haircut when I go back to New York to visit.

Lots of people complain about hair extensions (semi- permanent) ruining their hair. I had NO problems with them done this way. The cost was $400.00 and it took 45 mins. As opposed to the individual bead hair extensions which at the time were $800 - $1200 and the process takes about 4-6 hours ! And, I was getting married so, I wanted long hair for the big day and didn't want to be bothered with clip ins possibly falling out. I removed my hair extensions myself with coconut oil which loosened the glue and they came out SO easily and I had no issues. If I were to recommend any hair extensions I would say see if anyone in your area offers this type of service.

I adored my hair extensions !!! 


I loved my hair extensions. I wanted my real hair to be like that ! So, I started to really make sure I was paying careful attention to my hair. There is no " Big Secret " to growing your hair. My hair grew very fast considering where it was to where my hair is now. I would say my hair is back to exactly the length it was before I cut it. (bra strap length)

Tips on growing out hair -

* Drink Tons of Water - no brainer !

* I use a shampoo that is for thinning hair it is called Nioxin I use step 2. This definitely accelerated the growth of my hair !

Nioxin can be found at Ulta  HERE

* I take a supplement called Viviscal which is also for thinning hair but it also promotes the growth of new hair. And, it really works ! 

Purchased this from Ulta as well HERE

* I do weekly deep conditioning treatments with Coconut Oil.  It is good to massage your scalp to stimulate blood flow and thus, stimulate hair growth. So, I massage it into my scalp for about 10-15 minutes and throw my hair in a pony tail and either go about my day or I go to sleep and wash it normally the next day. I like to leave it in at least 8 hours, to reap the benefits.

This is my favorite coconut oil. It was $10.99 and it was never heated which is important some coconut oils are heated in the process to make the oil. Look for a coconut oil that specifies it is cold pressed. These will provide you the best nutrition to your hair. This one is amazing and it smells AMAZING, sort of like a mini tropical vacation , lol.

I am going to go through all of the shampoo that I use for different purposes. It may seem like I am a shampoo hoarder but, I like to switch up my shampoo often. To keep my hair guessing. It is also another thing I think that has helped with growth.

Alterna Caviar Shampoo
I use this when I have been out in the sun
because it hydrates my hair and makes it feel extremely soft                                                                                     


Suave Keratin Infusion

This SERIOUSLY AMAZING ! It is $3.50 at the drugstore and it is currently my favorite shampoo out of everything I am writing about ! If you buy one shampoo, buy this one. They have one for hair that  is not color treated as well.
( My hair is not color treated but, I figure they will use less harsh ingredients in the one for color treated hair, so, I usually favor those.)

Garnier Fructis Pure Clean 

This is what I use when my hair has had a lot of styling products in it. Or , if I did a coconut oil mask and my hair feels like it might be weighed down. This cleans your hair thoroughly. I used to love the Suave clarifying shampoo, until I found this one.

Herbal Essences Body Envy

I use this when my hair feels weighed down as well. And, when I feel like my hair looks limp.  

Bumble and Bumble  ( alojoba shampoo and Seaweed conditioner )

This combo of alojoba shampoo and seaweed conditioner makes my hair like pure SILK
It weighs it down a bit. But, I feel like it really makes my hair as smooth as it can be.

Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle

Anything that has tea tree or peppermint or eucalyptus or anything to stimulate your scalp will also stimulate your hair to grow. I alternate between this and Paul Mitchell  Tea Tree Plus. Both are amazing.

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special

Anything that has tea tree or peppermint or eucalyptus or anything to stimulate your scalp will also stimulate your hair to grow. I alternate between this and Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle.  Both are amazing.

Organix renewing Moroccan Argan Oil

Very gentle on the hair and smells amazing ! !

David Babaii for Wildaid Amplifying shampoo

I just ran out of the conditioner to this. But it is great. You get both Body and texture from this shampoo when used with the conditioner , as well.

When I do straighten , blow-dry or curl my hair I am very cautious to use heat protectant(s)

Dove Heat Defense

Breakthru Heat Defense 

Beyond the Zone Smooth Criminal

I use all 3.  When my hair is wet I apply breakthru heat defense , then I mist over with Dove heat defense. While I am using heat on my hair I will spray it with smooth criminal every so often through the process.

Macadamia Natural oil Nourishing leave in conditioner

I always apply this to my hair when it is almost dry. When your hair is wet the product does not really get absorbed into you hair. So , try and use things like this when your hair is 50-75 % dry to really reap the benefits. 

This is a current picture of my hair. It is curled under at the ends. I am still not at my ideal hair length. I want it to grow about 4 inches and I will start layering it to give it more depth and volume

Also, stating the obvious, I eat a diet high in protein I eat my veggies every single day and drink a green smoothie every single morning. I think that if I didn't follow this kind of lifestyle of eating well my hair would not have grown as long as it did.

Another thing, take your vitamins ! 

I was taking pre-natal vitamins for 6 months before my wedding (FOR MY HAIR, PEOPLE, lol) and it reallllllly made my hair grow like weeds. The only downfall was that all of my hair grew back quickly so wherever you shave or wax be prepared to step that up to double the amount you do now. But, to me the length of my hair was what I wanted when I was planning my wedding. So, I didn't care. But, now I just take a regular women's multi vitamin.

I am not telling you that you need to go out and buy ten bottles of shampoo and your hair will grow. I do recommend viviscal HIGHLY if you want your hair to grow and Nioxin if your hair is thinning. I shed like crazy ! When I use nioxin I notice a large difference in the amount of hair going down the drain.

Another tip , avoid brushing hair while it is wet. It will just break your hair and cause major split ends. Comb your hair from the bottom up when it is damp. This will lessen the chance that your comb will grab onto a knot and pull out a bunch of hair. * also use a wide tooth comb on damp hair, NO BRUSHING.

I think that is all I have as far as maintaining hair health and growth if anyone has any questions don't hesitate to leave a comment below or contact me via email !!

Have a good one !