Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Amazing Hair Find !

I am always on a quest to find new and interesting hidden treasures that women from other countries covet as their "beauty secret" . So, when I saw that a blogger with gorgeous hair Katrina Lomidze (BLOG HERE ) was selling unrefined Argan Oil imported from Morroco, I had to grab it.

I purchased it and applied it to dry hair. It comes in a spray bottle which is perfect for spraying right over your hair. Argan oil is known to have so many beauty benefits. It can be applied to the skin as a moisturizer, to the hair as a natural deep conditioner (my preference) or mixed with other ingredients of your choice to create a great formulation !

My hair NEVER felt silkier than it did when I left this on overnight. No one is paying me or asking me to say this. I left it in overnight and wrapped my hair. I woke up the next morning and shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal and it was very smooth. I am definitely adding this to my hair routine.

The post before this goes over everything I do to my hair. I will probably be doing this mask every two weeks. I moisturize and massage my scalp weekly (or try at least weekly) with coconut oil. This gave a different feeling. Very smooth and silky. I did not blow dry or straighten my hair after. So, I felt like I was really doing a service to my hair.

Let me know if you guys try it !

Contact Katrina Via Twitter HERE

Let her know I sent you !

Enjoy your luscious locks, if you do purchase it !


  1. I'm gonna try. When i worked at my old salon I was in love with the agidir argan oil. It made the sew in extentions as well as my real hair so shiny and nice, but I will give this a try and use this on my clients too. Thanks!

  2. I need to try this. Sounds very promising. :) x angie

  3. Im so glad you love this product just as much as I do!!! :)

  4. The information on the blog impressed me a lot. One of the best blog a ever read

  5. I am sure that majority of people will love this hair care tips information and they will consider it.

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  7. That's interesting...I have to buy it tooo..