Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Outfit of the Night

If you follow me on twitter you may know that I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. I am finally up to feeling more like myself so my husband took me to a beautiful restaurant to celebrate me finally feeling better ! 

Here is what I wore :

My whole outfit is from J. Crew

Silk Blouse - J. crew , I have the same one in blue.

Khakis - J. Crew

Belt- Vintage

Shoes - Dolcetta by Dolce Vita 

I cut my hair myself. I like to be in control, whenever someone else does my hair I am usually not happy !
Makeup -

Kat Von D lock it foundation
Sonia Kashuk lipstick in Bordeaux
Hoola Bronzer by benefit ( my favorite matte bronzer)
Blush Maybelline dream bouncy blush in fresh pink
Beauty Blender
Milani HD advanced concealer  

I am obsessed with the shoes I wore
They are dolcetta by Dolce Vita
They have a hidden wedge heel

Back of shoes Zip up which makes them super comfy  ! 

My husband took me to an amazing restaurant called Angelina's . It is located in Bonita Springs, Florida. They have BEYOND amazing food. Possibly the best restaurant I have ever eaten at.

Here is a quick snap shot of my appetizer all veggies , olives and more !
It was amazing !

I had their butternut squash ravioli's (handmade in house ravioli's)  which are out of this world.

And , for an entree I had a special that was on the menu that was delicious.

I would have taken more pictures of the food, but it was so good I could not stop stuffing my face !

If you live in Southwest Florida , I highly recommend Angelina's Risorante

You can find their website

Hope you are having a great night or day depending on where you are !

Have a good one  !

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fashion Haul , Recap of NYC

Hi everyone. I have been meaning to post this for a while but my life has been hectic, but I have a surprise in the works !

 Just wanted to share some pics of when I went back to NY to visit my husbands family , got to see my best friend and my brother and his girlfriend. So , all around it was a good trip. Hectic, but good nonetheless.

First off I will start with pictures and then, I want to tell you about an amazing store I found in New Jersey for cheap clothes that are super adorable and the quality is a bit better than forever 21. Plus, everyone won't be walking around wearing the EXACT same thing as you if you pick up a few items here.

The Night We Got In
We ate at Da Noi in Bayonne, New Jersey
They had excellent italian food !

I was super casual I had on my skeleton top from BCBG  from YEARS ago and Seven For All Mankind Jeans with Tom's shoes.  Minimal makeup and of course my hoop earrings.  LOL

Could not be more obsessed with my HRH collection bracelet with Large Swarovski crystal in center

HRH Collection can be found HERE 

She makes beautiful jewelry. The top bracelet is beautiful and it was only $42.00 !! I had at least 4 people ask where it is from ! it is just very unique looking in person. The picture serves it no justice.

The Evil Eye Bracelet on the bottom was purchased when I was having my own promotional sale with Susan Hanover Jewelry. My name was the code to check out and it allowed people to get an amazing 50% off of jewelry from her collection. After my discount the bracelet came to be a little over $40.00 with tax and all. But, I made commission on my own purchase ! Can't go wrong and to everyone who purchased with my code THANK YOU !!

Susan Hanover Designs can be found HERE

The bracelet in the middle was a part of a gift from my husband for our one year wedding anniversary. It is a dainty bracelet from Tiffany's.

Makeup was so simple :

Kat Von D Lock It foundation ( my new found love ! )

Benefit Hoola Bronzer to contour

Chanel Blush in Enchanteresse

Loreal Infaliable 8 hour lipgloss in Cherry Flash , Mixed with # 5 Lip stain from sephora brand

Stilla Kitten Eyeshadow

Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow in Aubergine in the crease blended with a windshield wiper motion

Beauty Blender was used I love it ! My new find # 1 beauty product

Find It HERE


Top from Old Navy about 3 years ago ,  Fantastic purchase
Shorts Abercrombie & Fitch

Jewelry Susan Hanover

Went to dinner with Friends at STK rooftop in Manhattan.
The service inside of STK is much better than the service on the Rooftop !
Not the best dining experience. But the atmosphere was beautiful.
My drinks were amazing I had the -
 Watermelon Cucumber Cloud - which is  puff of watermelon cotton candy doused tableside with hendricks and citrus muddled with fresh cucumber
The coolest thing about my drink was that it 
actually had cotton candy in it ! It's a grown up drink that makes you feel like a kid ! LOL
Alissa and I , Not quite sure why I look splotchy in this pic, I blame it on my iphone camera and the flash !
Happy for her she is a doll and is becoming an esthetician ! 
Before dinner we stopped in Wonderland Beauty Parlor which is just like heaven if you love makeup and the whole atmosphere is unreal. It is like being in a fairy tale land.

Find their site HERE

Casual Night Out

Went to Rick's Cafe HERE in Staten Island, New York with friends and Family I had the Orrechiette  which was BEYOND AMAZING and two perfectly extra dirty gin martinis ( did I mention I put on 10 pounds while back in NY ? NOT A JOKE 10 lbs !  ) Everyone seemed to enjoy the food there. I would definitely recommend it, if you live in or near the area.

Top From J- Crew
Jeans - Joe's Jeans
Sandals - Forever 21 

I always take one picture smiling and one picture serious. This is my " Blue Steele " look lol 

 This night I got to wear my Lipstick Queen Lipstick. It did not budge from my lips all night and I ate and drank and yapped away. 

I took a picture when I got home of my lipstick :

Lipstick Queen really stood up to the test. Lasted all night and when I came home it looked as if  I just applied my lipstick.
Definitely check out Lipstick Queen HERE

The color lipstick I am wearing is Lipstick Queen In Coral Sinner


The sinner lipsticks offer opaque coverage and the saint lipsticks offer a more sheer coverage lipstick. Definitely going to purchase more colors !
Yes, one more picture was necessary ,  LOL.

My sissy in law. Thankful to have her ! 
               My cousin in law lol, Amanda 


Blurry kisses with my one and only ! 

Don't remember where I went the night I took this  picture it was in the bathroom at our place to stay in NY, not sure where we went after I just wanted to take a shameless pic of myself because I thought my hair looked nice and voluminous -- LOL

My best friend for life, Larissa .  Or as we say BIFFLE lol. Hanging out at my brother and his girlfriends house.  Everywhere we went, when we were younger we got asked if we were sisters . I look more like her than her actual sisters do, lol.

Larissa gave me this Hello Kitty ring as part of my birthday gift from her. I love Hello Kitty. I have a hello kitty shrine in my closet !

             Me Being ME lol.  

Me sticking my tongue out at Larissa. I had to crop her out because she was blurry and she doesn't look perfect in the pic. Thats what best friends do, they don't put up bad pictures of you on the internet lol. But, I did put up this bad picture of myself. Because, I don't think you guys know what a crazy goofball nerd I can be !

On to more glamorous pictures of myself and others, lol.

Dinner at Valbella in Manhattan definitely RECOMMEND this place. The wine list is endless, the food was outrageous and the waiters were so attentive. Find them HERE
One of the sweetest girls on the planet. Natalia. I am so lucky to have met her ! Her and I bonded over the book" The secret " by Rhonda Byrne and she is really a true believer in positivity. She is just a breath of fresh air ! 

The whole group. Natalia , Ben , My husband Nick and Myself.

Horrible picture but this dress is from Forever 21 !
I wore it for my bridal shower as well and everyone thought I went all out !
Literally $29.99
I fit much better in it without the ten pounds I had put on by this point !  LOL
It has molded cups so, no need for a bra and in person it is SO flattering.
Shop at Forever21 around prom season and you would be surprised at the dresses you will find ! 

Tried on this outfit which in total cost me $20.50 not including the shoes. I need to alter the pants. But the fit is amazing.
I found a bunch of amazing clothes at this place in New Jersey called " 10 Spot " which sells Mad Rag Clothing.
It sells clothes similar to Forever21 but more unique styles , they have tons of jeans. The v-neck I am wearing was 2 for $5.00 so it was $2.50 ( I got it in white as well) and the pants are sort of like a Jegging but not, they have a button and pockets but the material is that jegging material, $18.00 ! 

If you live in New Jersey it is so worth taking a look in there, the one I went to was in Elizabeth , New Jersey. Find locations HERE they are all over not just in New Jersey

Half of the pile of what I hauled from 10 spot !
I went back twice. I brought Amanda with me the second time to get in on the action and she found amazing outfits too

Bobby's Burger  Palace

Bobby Flay has a casual upscale chain of a burger shacks. The food was really good. I had a burger salad. Very Yum. Definitely very laid back. Cafeteria style seating.


Amanda, Christina , me 
Before we went into bobby's burger palace
I thought the palm trees were so cute !
It was the mall in Princeton, NJ.

My Birthday 

My Birthday outfit

Rust colored Jeans
Houndstooth sheer shirt
all from 10 spot entire outfit under $30.00
(excluding shoes)

My Punkin he makes my birthday and everyday so special.

Also, I had 18'' Remy hair extensions that I put in one night and they used to actually add length to my hair  and now I had to put them lower in my hair and it was not adding length like it used to. So,  I know my hair has really done a lot of growing. I used to put these in my hair all of the time to make my hair look longer when my hair was not in its best shape. Now, I am really taking good care of my hair. I still want to get 22'' hair extensions to add length to my current hair, because I just love the way long hair looks. I only wore my hair extensions two times in NY (pics with pink dress)
and below :

Not sure why I look angry , I am not ! LOL

But that is with my hair extensions in. It added a tiny bit of length but nothing crazy.  I need some new ones so, if anyone has a brand that they love (clip-ins) please let me know ! 

This pic makes me laugh, but I intended for it to show you how great my lashes have grown with Latisse.
I love latisse . I alternate with Latisse and Castor oil on my lashes and they have grown and gotten thicker !
Definitely a must have for me. I hate wearing fake lashes. I wear them on occasion but it is nice to have real lashes that are nice and full ! 

I also loved this headpiece I have. I will be selling it in my store

Side Profile of the headpiece

Just wanted to share all of these pics and fun times with you !

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my life !

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Candy Flavas - Green Glam

I was lucky enough to have been sent a beautiful candle from the amazing owner of Candy Flavas. 

   Candy Flavas is a company committed to putting a different spin on preserving our earth. They are a green company. They make hand poured soy candles , lotions , body scrubs , lip balms, tee-shirts and boy shorts. 

What sets them apart is their mission to stay green and still keep their products glam. Two things I love ! Their sensual smelling candles are made from Soy wax and lead free wicks. They also use high quality essential oils.

    I was sent a candle from the "Green Glam" line. In the scent called "Kiss me".

Some of you may be wondering what "green glam" is. Here is a description as per their press release :

Green Glam by Candy Flavas is a new luxurious line of products including Soy candles and Vegan Sugar scrubs.  We created this line of products with the GLAMOROUS in mind! The sparkly glass will enhance your home and/or office area and add to the d├ęcor of any environment.  The velvet glass is elegant and classy- perfect for the new wave of GREEN moguls!  Perfect for gift giving or self indulgence- GREEN GLAM is the outlet for transforming to a plush and opulent GREEN lifestyle!
We intend to make going GREEN as elegant as pearls and as dainty as lace! These products embrace the emotion within and capture the best in every moment.  Made with 100% Soy Wax, Lead Free Wicks and delectable FLAVAS, we hand pour our candles for the best quality candle.  Our sugary scrubs are also hand made with Essential Oils, including the powerful Jojoba Oil, which replenishes dry skin and adds moisture in the exfoliation process.
Going GREEN should be as luxurious and elegant as you are and GREEN Glam is making that possible!

Above writing is property of Candy Flavas.

What I noticed about the candle right off of the bat was, I was experiencing the smell of the candle without it even being lit. The scent is "Kiss Me'' which is described to smell like strawberries, whipped cream and champagne. It smells very exotic and the smell lasts a very long time !  I was shocked that a candle that is made naturally would give off such an amazing scent, that actually lingered in the air for a long time. I would say I had the candle lit for three hours and my entire house smelled of it when you walked in for at least six hours. That is a long time in my book. And, the smell is much different than any candle you can pick up in the store, so it does make the candle feel more exclusive. The whole company really stands for exclusivity . Anyone can go to the store and get a generic candle scent. But, these cost around the same price as an ordinary candle and it smells very different. Plus, I think it is important to support small businesses ! 

Another thing that I loved was the actual esthetic of the candle ! It is so girly ! It is glittery pink.  Two things I love are the color pink and anything with glitter !!! 

Here are some pictures I took of the candle :

You can decorate a little space and add this to part of your room/house ! 

Sparkly & Pink !! 

I thought this picture came out so interesting this was  with the light 

The candle is so feminine !

I think that these candles are great for a relaxing night in either with your partner or by yourself ! Everyone deserves to feel pampered once in a while and these candles are very luxurious ! Next on my list is to order the body scrub ! If the candles are this amazing, I know I will not be disappointed with the body scrub !