Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Candy Flavas - Green Glam

I was lucky enough to have been sent a beautiful candle from the amazing owner of Candy Flavas. 

   Candy Flavas is a company committed to putting a different spin on preserving our earth. They are a green company. They make hand poured soy candles , lotions , body scrubs , lip balms, tee-shirts and boy shorts. 

What sets them apart is their mission to stay green and still keep their products glam. Two things I love ! Their sensual smelling candles are made from Soy wax and lead free wicks. They also use high quality essential oils.

    I was sent a candle from the "Green Glam" line. In the scent called "Kiss me".

Some of you may be wondering what "green glam" is. Here is a description as per their press release :

Green Glam by Candy Flavas is a new luxurious line of products including Soy candles and Vegan Sugar scrubs.  We created this line of products with the GLAMOROUS in mind! The sparkly glass will enhance your home and/or office area and add to the décor of any environment.  The velvet glass is elegant and classy- perfect for the new wave of GREEN moguls!  Perfect for gift giving or self indulgence- GREEN GLAM is the outlet for transforming to a plush and opulent GREEN lifestyle!
We intend to make going GREEN as elegant as pearls and as dainty as lace! These products embrace the emotion within and capture the best in every moment.  Made with 100% Soy Wax, Lead Free Wicks and delectable FLAVAS, we hand pour our candles for the best quality candle.  Our sugary scrubs are also hand made with Essential Oils, including the powerful Jojoba Oil, which replenishes dry skin and adds moisture in the exfoliation process.
Going GREEN should be as luxurious and elegant as you are and GREEN Glam is making that possible!

Above writing is property of Candy Flavas.

What I noticed about the candle right off of the bat was, I was experiencing the smell of the candle without it even being lit. The scent is "Kiss Me'' which is described to smell like strawberries, whipped cream and champagne. It smells very exotic and the smell lasts a very long time !  I was shocked that a candle that is made naturally would give off such an amazing scent, that actually lingered in the air for a long time. I would say I had the candle lit for three hours and my entire house smelled of it when you walked in for at least six hours. That is a long time in my book. And, the smell is much different than any candle you can pick up in the store, so it does make the candle feel more exclusive. The whole company really stands for exclusivity . Anyone can go to the store and get a generic candle scent. But, these cost around the same price as an ordinary candle and it smells very different. Plus, I think it is important to support small businesses ! 

Another thing that I loved was the actual esthetic of the candle ! It is so girly ! It is glittery pink.  Two things I love are the color pink and anything with glitter !!! 

Here are some pictures I took of the candle :

You can decorate a little space and add this to part of your room/house ! 

Sparkly & Pink !! 

I thought this picture came out so interesting this was  with the light 

The candle is so feminine !

I think that these candles are great for a relaxing night in either with your partner or by yourself ! Everyone deserves to feel pampered once in a while and these candles are very luxurious ! Next on my list is to order the body scrub ! If the candles are this amazing, I know I will not be disappointed with the body scrub ! 

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