Monday, November 26, 2012

Relaunch Of Influenster

If you guys havent heard the buzz about influenster then you are missing out. There is an awesome website called Influenster. Through Influenster you sign up for your account that lets you access surveys and quizzes that unlock badges based on your lifestyle.(It is super easy and you answer questions, honestly and they send you items based on your answers). With these badges, you are then qualified to receive free VoxBoxes. 

 A VoxBox is filled with sample or even sometimes, full-size products that companies send to Influenster for you to test; for free. It is simple. And, you just have to check back in with the site to let them know how you are liking what you received and I really think that honesty is valued by the company influenster itself, so they know what their consumers really like and dislike ! 

Recently, Influenster went through an update on their website. I have to say the website is better then ever. And, it is super fun ! 

Influenster is fun and introduces you to things and products you may never have tried. They have badges for everyone! 

If you want to see my profile, you can check it out HERE They come out with VoxBoxes every few months, (I believe). Some are seasonal and some are just for everyday use. It is a very interesting concept. Definitely worth checking out ! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introduction to my Jewelry store !

Ok, so for the last few weeks I have been working on a fashion jewelry site, since, I love fashion Jewelry and staying up on trends. It is still under construction but you can visit it HERE

I did not want to miss out on giving you guys great Cyber Monday Deals !! So , I created a temporary store with Storenvy. 

Find all of the Jewelry that I haven't even added to my site HERE and use the code 15OFF to enjoy 15% off  all weekend and until Cyber Monday November 26th, (Until 12 am EST).

Just some of the gorgeous pieces you can find at some really incredible prices ! 

Check out the site:

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jubilee Jewelz Sale

I don't know about you guys but Instagram has fueled my shopping habits. From great post on bloggers  outfits to makeup. It is hands down the most addictive of all social networks for me. 

I found an amazing jewelry and accessory site called Jubilee Jewelz. 

They are having a trunk sale today !  15 percent off the entire site.....

If you live in or are visiting the Miami area Call or Text them at 786-281-8421

They have a location in Miami, Florida. Call or text for details. Free Beverages and Snacks today !

Find them on twitter HERE

Find the website HERE 

Follow them on Instagram  - JubileeJewelz (username)

Here are pictures of me sporting some items that they sent to me :

The Scarf is available on their site. It is amazing. 

Cute Arm Party !!! 

They have a great selection of accessories and jewelry ! Check the sale out today !

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Khroma Khloe Kardashian Complete Face Palette

The Kardashian Girls have done it again. I am in LOVE with the Khroma Khloe Kardashian Complete Face Palette. It has everything you need from amazing HIGHLY pigmented shadows to highlight , blush and contour colors. Kreating a Klassic Kardashian face just got Kooler. (Yes, I went there, LOL)

Full Palette 


Swatches of the top Row of Eyeshadows all Matte (No Flash)

Swatches of the top Row of Eyeshadows all Matte (Flash)

Swatches of the Bottom Row of Eyeshadows with shimmer (Flash)

Swatches of the Bottom Row of Eyeshadows with shimmer (No Flash)

Swatches of Blush , Highlight and Contour color ( No Flash)

Swatches of Blush , Highlight and Contour color (Flash)


I picked mine up Sunday at Ulta. The eyeshadows are all beautiful and extremely pigmented. I wore them yesterday and the eyeshadows really held up well !!! I am super impressed with the quality and I love the Khloe Kardazzle Palette !

Definitely worth checking out if you are a Kardashian fan or just a Make Up fan ! 

Sunday, November 11, 2012 Beauty Box Review

I subscribe to MANY beauty and fashion/style magazines because it helps me stay in tune with  the latest makeup styles and clothing styles as well !   I ALWAYS  take the beauty quizzes to hone in on my own personal style. You would be surprised that by taking those quizzes you learn what you really like ! Wantable works along the same guidelines. You take a style and beauty quiz (it's short and simple and worth it ) It helps you find out what makeup works best for you. I took quiz and it told me that my personality and style is " Top Trendsetter" 

Wantable is not a subscription service ! Which separates it from the other makeup boxes on the market. They release new boxes every season so that you can keep up with the latest trends in makeup and keep up with your own personal style. When you take your quiz, on their site, you have the option to purchase the seasonal box or not. No PRESSURE and if you like the choices you can purchase. If not, you are not charged a single penny!  

This is great for girls who do not want to be committed to spending X amount of dollars a month, but also want to experience the fun of getting a makeup box filled with goodies delivered to your door ! 

Here is what the box looks like :

What was included in the " Top Trendsetter " box :

My Face Cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo in Eye-Conic 

Eye Look I created using the My face cosmetics Eyeshadow Duo in Eye-Conic ^

My Face Cosmetics -

Lil bling chrome nail polish in BellBottom Blues
Add caption
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Add caption

Such A great Wintery Blue !

2 Samples of Spadaro Parfum 

Doux Amour - Ylang Ylang, Casablanca Lilly and Moroccan Jasmine are wrapped in Patchouli, Amber and Sandlewood then Laced with Vanilla 
The scent s more floral. The vanilla is definitely VERY present. I love that. Vanilla is very feminine to me and that is exactly what this fragrance reminds me of. Femininity.
Putting this on my Christmas Wish list !!!!!!!!  

Sole Nero - Italian Citrus notes Grapefruit, Orange , Lemon  , Lime are imbued with Musk , Sandalwood and Precious Spices. 
The scent is strong, sexy, and  long lasting !  Has lots of hints of musk and I can definitely say that the sandalwood peaked through about an hour into wearing this. It is robust and strong. Not meant for someone who likes a light fragrance. Luckily, I like both. I would definitely wear this out at night !! 10 out of 10 for me !!! 

Paula Dorf Cheek Color Cream In Doll Face

I looked up images of this color and I think this package may be labeled wrong. The Paula Dorf Cheek color cream in Doll Face 

This is what color it is supposed to be if it were Doll Face 

This is the color I believe I got 
Peek - a - Boo

Other than the confusion I had when I googled the images the color peek a boo is actually much more suited for my skin tone. It is more natural and I used it as a bronzer /contour and a lipstick and applied a bit of gloss over it. So, it is a product that is definitely versatile and fun ! 

Swatched on my hand. On my lips it reminds me SO much of Nars Turkish Delight.

It is also a plumping gloss that is infused with Marine collagen, Grape Seed and Green Tea extracts and Avocado oils ! 

Made my lips slightly tingly and made them look slightly more plump. I love that is has all of those beneficial ingredients !

Verhoeven Cosmetics Smoky eye creator Kohl Pencil In black

I can't RAVE about this product. It is a good black eyeliner. Standard. Not the most horrible thing to include but I don't think it is something I am going to reach for too often. 

Beauty For Real The Perfect Pencil In Nude 

I wouldn't call this a true nude. BUT , I would say that this color would be versatile on ANY skin tone and that is always a plus. This is my current lip liner of the moment. I am THRILLED with this particular product ! It defines lips nicely and is a great color and lasts for about 3 hours. Which is a nice plus ! Very long wearing and great color !

Overall, I would say that the Wantable box is a great beauty product box for people who love makeup. There are no obligations and if you want to try a beauty box sampler that you do not have to get every single month, I HIGHLY recommend 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Forever 21 Cravings

With the holidays creeping up so fast. It leads me to thinking of going back to NYC to spend Christmas with Family. Which makes me create a shopping wish list of things to wear to be warm and stylish in New York.

Below is my Forever 21 Cravings list :

This would probably require tights for the cold

Natali Products

Natali Products is a industry only retailer. 

Since 1992, Natali Products has paved the way as a beauty supply leader that carries over 3,500 products from all over the world. They are dedicated to bringing professionals the most innovative spa essentials and esthetics supplies to help people build their business !
They are a  one-stop shop for esthetician supplies including Phyto Sintesi skincare products, Rosa Graf skincare lines, spa equipment, and furniture. You’ll find everything from manicure tables and manicure pedicure supplies to Cinecitta cosmetics and waxing supplies.

Licensed industry professionals should sign up for their site for some great bargains on amazing products !! 

Here is a review of The Nataderm Cranberry Peel-off Mask.

Cranberry Peel Off Mask :

The packaging is what a standard Spa quality mask would come in.
It is after all only important what the product delivers. Not what it is packaged in.  

This is the consistency you want to achieve with this mask.  When applied it feels like a second layer of skin.

The Nataderm Cranberry Peel-off Mask from Natali Products can be used whenever your client’s heart desires.
The cranberry skincare mask can be easily incorporated into many treatments, especially for those who have sensitive, hyper-sensitive, or dry skin.
Plus the combination of polyphenols and tocotrienols act as a strong antioxidant.
Cranberry seeds contain plant sterols and fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6).
 They help to reinforce the skin’s hydrolipidic layer while protecting its moisture barrier.

Effective Ingredients: Alginate, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Powder
How To Use: 30g (80ml of volume) of powder with 90ml of water (at 20°C)
Directions: Pour water onto the powder in a rubber bowl. Stir the mixture quickly for a minute to create a homogeneous paste. Apply the paste immediately onto the face using a spatula. Let it work for 15 minutes before gently peeling the mask off in one whole piece.

I used this mask on myself to give it a customer standpoint review. I am a licensed esthetician and I have used masks like this before. It is definitely something most newbie estheticians have trouble with as you have to apply it to your clients face and try not to let it drip on them. I found that with this mask using 100 ml of water made the consistency much easier to apply. 

The mask itself TRULY made my skin look radiant. I have been having some difficulty with my skin with some acne flare ups. So, I performed a professional grade peel on myself about 3 days prior to using this mask. I had dry flaky skin (from the peel) I exfoliated thoroughly and then proceeded to use this mask. I was VERY happy with the results I received afterward.  From an esthetician standpoint, I know that any client that had this mask applied to them would be hooked. Because it did offer immediate results. Cranberry is known to protect against the abuse of the elements. So, this mask is safe to use on someone who may have chapped skin or a rosacea flare up. It was very soothing and hydrating. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in cranberry seeds protect your skins natural barrier. The one thing I noticed about the mask was a slight smell of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid. But, The cranberry scent definitely overpowered it and although the cranberry scent was mild. It was relaxing and it felt very Autumn appropriate. 

So, as a skin care professional I would definitely recommend checking out Natali Products. Especially the Cranberry Peel-off Mask.

Ways To Reach Natali Products :

Website :
Twitter :
Facebook : HERE
Pinterest :

Disclaimer : This product was sent courtesy of Natali Products. That does not reflect my review on the product any product I am sent I give my true opinions on and if the product does not meet my expectations, it is not mentioned at all.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winners Selected For Caviar Manicure Giveaway !

I selected my TWO winners for the caviar Manicure set via

Out of the measly 11 comments I got, selected comment 1 &  3. I am going to contact the winners shortly via email ! 

Thank you for everyone who entered and as always there will be more to come !!! 

Stay tuned !