Monday, November 5, 2012

Natali Products

Natali Products is a industry only retailer. 

Since 1992, Natali Products has paved the way as a beauty supply leader that carries over 3,500 products from all over the world. They are dedicated to bringing professionals the most innovative spa essentials and esthetics supplies to help people build their business !
They are a  one-stop shop for esthetician supplies including Phyto Sintesi skincare products, Rosa Graf skincare lines, spa equipment, and furniture. You’ll find everything from manicure tables and manicure pedicure supplies to Cinecitta cosmetics and waxing supplies.

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Here is a review of The Nataderm Cranberry Peel-off Mask.

Cranberry Peel Off Mask :

The packaging is what a standard Spa quality mask would come in.
It is after all only important what the product delivers. Not what it is packaged in.  

This is the consistency you want to achieve with this mask.  When applied it feels like a second layer of skin.

The Nataderm Cranberry Peel-off Mask from Natali Products can be used whenever your client’s heart desires.
The cranberry skincare mask can be easily incorporated into many treatments, especially for those who have sensitive, hyper-sensitive, or dry skin.
Plus the combination of polyphenols and tocotrienols act as a strong antioxidant.
Cranberry seeds contain plant sterols and fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6).
 They help to reinforce the skin’s hydrolipidic layer while protecting its moisture barrier.

Effective Ingredients: Alginate, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Powder
How To Use: 30g (80ml of volume) of powder with 90ml of water (at 20°C)
Directions: Pour water onto the powder in a rubber bowl. Stir the mixture quickly for a minute to create a homogeneous paste. Apply the paste immediately onto the face using a spatula. Let it work for 15 minutes before gently peeling the mask off in one whole piece.

I used this mask on myself to give it a customer standpoint review. I am a licensed esthetician and I have used masks like this before. It is definitely something most newbie estheticians have trouble with as you have to apply it to your clients face and try not to let it drip on them. I found that with this mask using 100 ml of water made the consistency much easier to apply. 

The mask itself TRULY made my skin look radiant. I have been having some difficulty with my skin with some acne flare ups. So, I performed a professional grade peel on myself about 3 days prior to using this mask. I had dry flaky skin (from the peel) I exfoliated thoroughly and then proceeded to use this mask. I was VERY happy with the results I received afterward.  From an esthetician standpoint, I know that any client that had this mask applied to them would be hooked. Because it did offer immediate results. Cranberry is known to protect against the abuse of the elements. So, this mask is safe to use on someone who may have chapped skin or a rosacea flare up. It was very soothing and hydrating. The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in cranberry seeds protect your skins natural barrier. The one thing I noticed about the mask was a slight smell of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid. But, The cranberry scent definitely overpowered it and although the cranberry scent was mild. It was relaxing and it felt very Autumn appropriate. 

So, as a skin care professional I would definitely recommend checking out Natali Products. Especially the Cranberry Peel-off Mask.

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Disclaimer : This product was sent courtesy of Natali Products. That does not reflect my review on the product any product I am sent I give my true opinions on and if the product does not meet my expectations, it is not mentioned at all.


  1. I use Natali Product for all my waxing supplies!

  2. What a lovely, thorough review, Lauren!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on this product with your readers.

    We are thrilled that you enjoyed the cranberry peel-off mask so much!

  3. Hmmm...this sounds like a great product to try out. I think I will be going to try this out and see how it works on my skin. I always wanted to have radiant looking skin. I hope this will be the answer to my prayers.