Monday, November 26, 2012

Relaunch Of Influenster

If you guys havent heard the buzz about influenster then you are missing out. There is an awesome website called Influenster. Through Influenster you sign up for your account that lets you access surveys and quizzes that unlock badges based on your lifestyle.(It is super easy and you answer questions, honestly and they send you items based on your answers). With these badges, you are then qualified to receive free VoxBoxes. 

 A VoxBox is filled with sample or even sometimes, full-size products that companies send to Influenster for you to test; for free. It is simple. And, you just have to check back in with the site to let them know how you are liking what you received and I really think that honesty is valued by the company influenster itself, so they know what their consumers really like and dislike ! 

Recently, Influenster went through an update on their website. I have to say the website is better then ever. And, it is super fun ! 

Influenster is fun and introduces you to things and products you may never have tried. They have badges for everyone! 

If you want to see my profile, you can check it out HERE They come out with VoxBoxes every few months, (I believe). Some are seasonal and some are just for everyday use. It is a very interesting concept. Definitely worth checking out ! 

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