Friday, March 8, 2013

Glamour Sponge LOVE

I am in love with the Glamour Sponge. I used it this morning to apply my usual makeup and ended up using less foundation than normal. Which, is alone a great thing ! 

It is also shaped in a way that allows flawless application to the difficult to reach eye area. I think this makeup sponge is great for makeup artists. It would eliminate the need for you to touch the clients face, since it gets in every crevice of your face, enabling major blending to occur, without the need to put your ring finger under your or your clients eye. 

It smoothed out my foundation and minimized the look of foundation, to give me a "No makeup" makeup look !

Plus, it is absolutely adorable !

You can purchase it for a reasonable price as well, which is a big bonus ! 

To get yours go here :

Disclaimer- I was sent this product to review. This does not alter my feelings on the product. Items sent to me that do not live up to their claim do not get bashed. But, they do not get featured on my blog. There has been a lot of questions about that on my blog. Just wanted to clarify that with everyone.

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