Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hot Iron Holster

I was lucky enough to have been sent the Hot Iron Holster. It is a stylish durable, silicone heat pocket, that will hold you hair styling tools. The large pocket can accommodate every hair tool. Hair irons (my main use), hair curlers, and even hair dryers. I even placed my Instyler in it and it all holds up so well. 

The Hot Iron Holster exceeded my expectations ! It does not move from its place at all. I was hesitant to believe that this product was going to adhere to surfaces. But, I really did put it to the test. I put it on countertops , granite , my vanity table , and my dresser and it stayed put. And, the best part is, it does not look cheap. There are no suction cups or anything involved. 

It was invented by Erin Balogh, when her pedestal sink didn't offer her any room ! Genius idea !

It is also great, because I no longer have to fumble around looking for my hair iron. I know that it is hanging neatly on my vanity. BRILLIANT. Whereas, before I had it in my closet next to my vanity. This also cleared up room in my closet ! It hangs right off of your counter to solve the problem of where to put your hair tools. 

Another positive is that it is a heat resistant pocket so you don't have to worry about it burning or anything of that nature. Keeping your hair tools in a safe place is very important ! 

Available colors

Overall, this product to me is absolutely a genius idea. It recently won the Next Big Zing Award for the Beauty Category 2012 . It truly brings a whole new meaning to clutter-free beauty ! 

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  1. This is so cool, I need something like that in my life.

    x Angie

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