Monday, March 4, 2013

Naughty Monkey Summer Preview Party

I was invited to the Summer preview party for Naughty Monkey shoes, by the beautiful Katrina Lomidze . It was a blast and just wait ladies, the preview for their Summer collection is AMAZING. You will be so happy when they are available for purchase !  They are all stunning. I literally wanted every pair I saw ! 

It was a chilly night in Miami but everyone still had a great time. There were beautifully displayed shoes with cupcakes and cupcake pops thrown into the mix. It was set up beautifully ! 

The food did not stop here they had delicious mashed potato balls and cucumber sandwiches and delicious cocktails ! 

Amanda Jo and her sister who came with her all the way from San Diego. Amanda put together a lovely event, along with the great Naughty Monkey Shoe staff !

Featured Bloggers Katrina Lomidze &
 Daniela Ramirez ( Nanysklozet )

Some goodies that were at the event. Aside from the delicious treats were cute tank tops that were given out and adorable key chains as well ! 

The atmosphere was adorable and you could tell how much effort was put into making this a fun event !

Fun Pictures Of The Night :

Katrina Lomidze and I 

 Myself , Katrina , Amanda
In that order. 

Naughty Monkey Shoes of the night 

Had such a great time and I fell in love with the upcoming Summer line of Naughty Monkey Shoes !

I am grateful to have attended and you could really see the hard work that went into planning the event. 

Hope you liked the sneak peek !

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