Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Blue Quasar Review

After a few weeks of using the Baby Blue Quasar, which was sent to me by Baby Quasar, I feel I can give a full review on it. Baby Quasar is a line that delivers premium and innovative light therapy devices to professionals and home users. 

They offer many different types of laser treatment as every color light has a different effect on the skin. 

Red light therapy is known to help with  : Wrinkles and fine lines, Tightening and firming (non-surgical face lift alternative), Blemishes and redness, Anti-aging , Age spots and hyperpigmentation on face, hands, neck,  Acne scarring.

Blue Light Therapy :  Dermatologists have used blue light in their offices since 2002 to clear acne breakouts quickly and effectively by eliminating the bacteria that cause them. Blue light treatment is a non-UV light therapy, which is gentle on skin and does not cause long-term harmful health effects. It kills acne vulgaris. 

Since the company was kind enough to let me choose which one I wanted, I went with the Baby Blue Quasar , that is meant for acne treatment. If you follow my blog you know  I am always dealing with an adult acne, cystic pimple flare up.

I always breakout in the same spot, so, I really focused on that area every single night since I received it. It DEFINITELY improved my skin. I usually get a monthly cystic acne pimple that is large and inflamed. With the constant use of this every night I did not experience this breakout which normally occurs.

Which to me is amazing ! As someone who suffers from Adult Acne I am about willing to try anything I can to make it go away. That is why I was beyond thrilled to receive this ! 

I noticed a difference in my pores and I noticed my t-zone was not nearly as oily as it normally is. I also did a lot of spot treating and the pimple that would normally be huge was lessened a lot. I applied a dot of hydrocortisone to the area and used the Baby Blue Quasar religiously.

I am confident that laser therapy works. When you are using the Baby Blue Quasar you will feel a nice warming sensation on the spot you are over. 

My FAVORITE thing about this is it is done in the privacy of your own home. Or, wherever you choose to use it. They have blue light therapy at a medical spa that I go to. I never want to sit under the light after I have had a facial. I love being able to have spa quality products that you can use at home. So, if you don't feel like making a spa appointment just to get your hands on red or blue therapy light treatment , I definitely recommend the Baby Quasar (baby blue, for acne, red light therapy for wrinkles, fine lines).

Check out their website here :   www.babyquasar.com

Some pics of what the blue light looks like :

Again check them out : www.BabyQuasar.com

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  1. Hey Lauren, I to have suffered (I write it in past tense because I believe that one day it will be no more) from cystic acne. It returns to the same spots because of the craters formed under the skin from the cyst it self. At one time they were so bad that I was uncomfortable attending social events.

    I found relief in concentrated water intake, especially the week before and the week during my cycle. Getting the right vitamins for my body and dabbing my oily skin throughout the day with a clean tissue and gentle washing methods….to name a few. I am 34 and I just knew that with age the acne would subside and I’d be home free. Lol Not so much but today I experience them at most, 2 times a year. I when they come up, I go to my dermatologist for a steroid shot so that it goes away without darkening and scarring my skin any further.

    I do remember them coming very often and it is nothing you ever get used to. I would recommend you buy an aloe vera plant and make your own aloe water. This way you know just how pure it is.

    Green Tea with lemon and a pinch of cayenne in the morning.

    Plenty water. I picked up a 2.2 liter jug from Whole Foods for $6 and I make sure I have a minimum of 1 per day. I even got my husband to drinking more water by using the jug. So throughout the day until its empty I keep my glass full. That way I know I did at least the minimum…Wow your honesty has inspired me to write a post about living and dealing with cystic acne.

    I do hope these tips help you to decrease the frequency of flare ups. I know how much they can chap a hide. : )