Sunday, June 30, 2013

Google Reader Shutting down , Follow me on Bloglovin

Tomorrow, Google Reader is going to shut down. Which means all of the effort I have put into my blog will go to waste. I have added a widget on the right hand side of my blog to follow me on Bloglovin . Please, to my loyal readers stay on track with me through bloglovin. If you are on BlogLovin let me know and I will follow your blog as well. Going to do follow for follow ( F4F ) for 1 week straight on Bloglovin.

I am sad to see my hard work go away. I hope that you will continue to follow my blog and import all of the blogs you read into Bloglovin. If you are not familiar with Bloglovin it is a website to keep track of blogs you read or check on.

So, again in the right hand side of the toolbar of my blog, you will find a direct link to follow me on bloglovin.

I am also on and the link to follow my blog on is on the lower right side of my blog.

Have A great night everyone !

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bare Love Beauty Luxury Body Fuel Review

 Just in time for warm weather, which means more skin showing. I was sent a great product from Bare Love Beauty called Luxury Body Fuel . I have a serious love for products that are natural and effective and this, fits both criteria ! It is an incredible body oil that is the perfect summer moisturizer.

I usually have annoying dry patches on my calves and we know, no one wants to see that. (Not even me). I used this product consistently for a month after every shower. I know that I was putting quality ingredients on my body and that is important to me. Sixty percent of what you apply onto your skin is absorbed by your body. So, be sure to read your labels. With that said, I was more than impressed with the results that I had. My legs are extremely smooth and if you apply it and go out, your legs have a beautiful sheen ! Which, is a look I love.

The scent is very subtle so it will not interfere with any fragrances that you do wear. Which to me is another plus !

 Below you can read their press release :

Simple, light and luxurious, Bare Love Beauty is an all-natural skincare system designed to fuel the body’s most vital organ, keeping it clear of complicated creams and artificial ingredients.

New Beauty at Fred Segal, and carry the all-natural beauty brand.
A 100% made-in-Canada beauty care experience, Bare Love Beauty is built on a proprietary OlioLove
Technology and features an all-natural combination of plant and vegetable derived oils from around the world. Produced with progressive eco-technologies to promote the replenishment of the skin barrier, the Bare Love Beauty formula enables immediate moisture retention and skin protection all day long.With a commitment to exclude synthetic ingredients at all times, Bare Love Beauty is a smooth antioxidant-rich blend of environmentally friendly and skin-compatible ingredients that together, create a luxurious and effective treatment. Whereas the skin is inundated daily with heavy, difficult to breakdown creams and lotions that are often saturated with synthetic skin aging ingredients or harsh chemicals, Bare Love Beauty offers a fresh perspective on skincare naturally regenerating and rejuvenating the skin via its proprietary OlioLove Technology blend.OlioLove Technology, proprietary and trademarked by Bare Love Beauty , performs microencapsulated, time-released treatments for the face, body and hair, working for and with the skin, engaging eco-friendly liquid oils at their purest and transforming them into a buttery, FIRM and powerful skincare system, naturally.

With fueling and protecting qualities, the benefits are incredible. Brand founder and beauty expert, Rebecca Cook created Bare Love Beauty with a mission and a dream to share the simplicity and beauty of naturally derived oils in the most progressive way possible. “I’ve usedpure oils for as long as I can remember. It began with my mother who always applied natural oil extractswhen I was a child. It was never just a ‘trend’ for us, it was a way of life,” says Cook. “There is truly deepheartfelt effort and meticulous detail in every single BLB product.”

The fuss-free, 3-piece collection (ranging from $38-$78) caters to the entirety of a woman’s beauty regime with highly effective beauty-enhancing body, face and hair and scalp treatments. With fast-acting results, Bare Love Beauty creates a noticeably lustrous radiance all over and supports a woman’s inherent beauty, never allowing their most vital organ to rev and age.
A luxurious, simple, and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic, heavy and harsh skincare products, the Bare Love Beauty product line offers the same ease of application found in everyday creams and lotions, but is formulated on the simplicity of pure oils – the most natural agents of the skin. Bare Love Beauty is natural, luxury skin fuel designed for the beauty of life.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to make their routine more natural and to anyone who needs some hydration. And, I would recommend it to anyone who wants smooth flawless skin. I also definitely think this would be incredible for expectant mothers ! Since it is all natural you can apply it to all of the areas on your body where you would want to protect from stretch marks. This definitely quenches the skin but is not too greasy !